Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I don't really feel like doing a lengthy review of 2010, so in short 2010 saw me travelling to Hong Kong, Macau and Bangkok (again, but this time by land yo), but the biggest landmark of last year was that i finally ended my bachelorhood and got married =D

Now that I am married, my plans for 2011 are gonna change a little bit. Can't do crazy backpacking like I used to, gotta take into account that she's not used to travelling let alone backpacking. So our first plan for the year is gonna be Bali sometime soon once we got our life sorted out first. Anyone got experience staying at private villas in Ubud?

We're also planning to head north to Bangkok yet again since she's really enthralled by my stories of the city - that would probably be sometime mid year. If we got some more extra cash stashed away somewhere, perhaps a visit to Jakarta-Bandung is in order to visit some friends and do more shopping.

Apart from travelling, I have a few other things in mind. I finally did upgrade from my Canon 400D to Canon 60D last week, so far it's been a wonderful piece of machinery. Gotta put it to real use soon to see how does it measure up - photography outings anyone?

I also gotta start going back to the driving range, I'm pretty sure whatever form or swing I had is now gone so it's gonna feel like starting over, oh my back.

Besides that, am thinking of buying a bicycle. Haven't rode one since maybe Standard 6, and I'm really hoping that riding a bike is not a skill that you lose over time. Though riding in Ampang would probably be considered an extreme sport, the drivers around there are crazy I tell you. To be fair, that would include me too from time to time hehe.

The more extravagant plan is buying that nice house I've been eyeing which is priced just a wee bit beyond what I can afford (22x75 + freehold + good location = must buy!). A promotion (and the pay rise that comes along with it) would definitely help ;)

Well that's about it I guess. Gonna turn 28(!) in a fortnight's time, inching closer to the big three zero. Just 7 more years for me to meet my deadline of having my own business. But for now, I got a decent car, a cosy home, a good job and the woman of my dreams. Not too shabby I guess, Alhamdulillah. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop