Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yesterday we had a dinner honouring the Chairman at KL Hilton. The lot of us went, and we managed to grab a table all to ourselves. Call us social retards, but we just want to eat and be merry after a hard day's work. Plus, we've socialized enough outside the ballroom. Freeflowing booze seemed to make everyone much friendlier.

The spread was good (the salmon in cream sauce was superb), but the acoustics of the hall sucks. The band playing was so-so, and the singer was good only on certain numbers. Don't Cry For Me Argentina was good though.

Irene had an allergic reaction that ruffled our feathers for a bit, but it's all good in the end.

Afterwards, headed down to Zeta Bar. I wasn't too keen, it's a working night. But then, the band was quite good. Better than the one performing during the dinner. Enjoyed the performance, and the crowd too. Nanu was there, I was glad to see her. As I told Alicia, I have a sort of affection for her. I guess the old (oops, elderly?) man besides her won't be so pleased were I to go and chat her up.

There's three girls 'looking for trouble', as Alicia put it too. Butt ugly, wouldn't even consider it. Rule of thumb: If a girl looks good in a club, be prepared for the truth outside the club. So if they collectively looked like a cross between Macy Gray lookalikes and the trannies who live at the condo nearby my place, I can't imagine what is it like to wake up next to them.

Who said bankers don't have a life?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Tuesday is coming to an end. My day starts and ends with the working hours on weekdays. I'm gonna go off a bit earlier today, not in the mood to work too hard today. Early is before 7pm. I swear I'll get home earlier when I have a family. Honest.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I never failed yet to wear the maroon and stripes tie every Wednesday since I started work. Why? Because I'm damn proud of it. Because I'm easily recognizable to fellow oldboys who invariably have always came up to me and shook hands as though we've known each other for ages: even when we're complete strangers. It makes me feel good.

Mental note:
Buy Anthony Burgess' The Malayan Trilogy at the earliest instance. Been putting it off for years. Ohh, and look out for the final edition of Rehman Rashid's The Malaysian Journey as well.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Blues

USD now stands at 3.45. If I have the money to speculate, I would've bought some and anticipate the reversal of the slide. I'm guessing it'll slide right until 3.30 before it stabilizes. But then, this is an untrained view. I am just an interested bystander.

USD is sliding, yet I don't see prices of goods coming down.

Went to the Wine Room on Saturday with a few friends, the usual suspects. Still the same band playing - Arab, Mimi, Purnama and co. I know I've heard their repertoire countless times, yet I still go there just to listen to Tiada Lagi and She's Gone. They're good, go and see them if you have the chance.

I spent almost the whole Saturday out. Waking up late (which is the ritual on weekends), went to Dome for lunch with the gang, then drove all the way to Damansara to pickup some stuff for Fara. At about 9 something, drove all the way to Putrajaya to pass her her things before heading back to Ampang. Arrived home just in time for a shower and a change of clothes before heading out to Asian Heritage Row.

Sunday was spent in bed almost exclusively. Time to recuperate before work starts again.

And now, it's Monday again. I hate Mondays. And Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays too. Fridays are a bit more bearable, but only just.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Race for As

I pity kids these days. Gone were the days when 7As was enough to get you the pat on the back that you deserved. Although the kid who got 19A1 turned out to be a false alarm in the end, but it's alarming for me to see this race for As as if nothing else matters. For the record, I scored only 5As and 5Bs for my SPM, and I think I'm doing well enough now. What does all that As guarantee? Maybe a scholarship to prestigious universities all over the world. What's next? Bonded for 10 years at GLCs that don't really know what to do with its' graduates, and getting paid peanuts in the process. A friend famously stated "I got it in my mind that my pay is actually RM7k per month, just that they minus RM5.2k each month to payoff my scholarship."

Me, I'm happy. Not bonded, not bothered.

Wait, did you get the message I'm trying to say? It's supposed to convey that 'rezeki ada dimana-mana' (sorry, don't know how to translate that), and not 'takyah study pon gaji best gak'. Don't get that mixed up.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A New Dawn

Maybe I should start with a little bit about me. You can just call me by my pseudonym, I respond to The Banker from now on. My real one? Maybe someday I'll let you know. Maybe not.

Why am I having a blog? No, I'm not gonna do reviews, or political satires, or serial dramas a la The Datin Diaries. I'm just gonna blurt whatever it is that comes to mind. It's a terrible weight to hold everything in my poor brain.

What am I like? Geez, I dunno. I'm still young, and younger at heart. I listen to music a lot and I read a lot too. I'm not always into what other people are into, I follow my own timephase.

I'll reveal more as we go along, too much info up front spoils the fun in discovery non?