Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bulan Malu

Two weeks ago:
I went down to SDMC's parking to move my car nearer to the lifts in case the wife can be discharged the next day. Since I was already down, I thought why not get a quick drink at mamak across the road. Just a quick limau ais would be just fine.

So I walked over and sat down and ordered. Soon my drink came, and I was sipping it happily when I realized, mana aku bawak wallet turun tadi!

I mulled asking the brader at the next table for a RM2 quick loan, but muka tak cukup tebal pulak. So finally I got up and walked to the counter when no one else was paying.

"Boss, I tertinggal duit lah. Kejap lagi I datang balik bayar OK, amek duit kejap dekat hospital"

Nasib baik anney tuh OK, tapi memang laju ah aku pergi ambil duit and datang balik bayar, Sumpah malu.

Last week:
Went out for lunch with Haz and he specifically wanted to eat 'mat salleh', so we walked over to Nando's. Ordered, ate, chatted, laughed. Then we asked for the bill. We took out our wallets,

"Eh Haz, aku rasa aku short nih. Cover dulu, jap lagi aku bayar"
"Bro, aku pon ada Rm20 je aku rase nih"

Brader waiter dah buat muka ketat.

"OK, jom pool up our money tengok berapa ada"

Nervous giggle, while avoiding brader waiter's steely gaze.

"Takpe lah, abang bayar je berapa yang ade"
"Eh cukup nih kot, bro aku ade RM24 je. Kau ade berape?"
"Jap - RM25. Alamak sen tak cukup!"
"Takpe la bang, nih pon dah OK.."
"Hah ade sen dalam poket!"

Muka tebal macam tayar dah rasa.