Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Cynical Me

As is the case usually, the juniors showed themselves to be able sportsmen worthy of a place in the national squad. The seniors can just go procreate in an anatomically impossible way.


On another note, it's 30th August today. Tonight Malaysians from all walks of life will start partying. And getting drunk. And prolly get lucky too. Cynical, aren't we? I've not gone to Merdeka's Eve or New Year's Eve celebratory parties for years because I'm growing sick of it. Sick of the traffic jams, sick of the suffocating crowd, sick of the inevitable fights between yobs, sick of the drunk Malays making a damn fool of themselves, sick of chicks displaying non-existant tits to the world (note girls, you need boobs first to have any cleavage). I'm just getting old too quickly I guess. At least I used to enjoy the last part.

Oh ignore the old man. Quick kids, run to your nearest 7-eleven and stock up on booze, condoms and fags. It's going to be an interesting night. Get crazy, forget your earlier inhibitions if any, taste freedom tonight. After all, it's Merdeka.


I'm fast turning into a Davan.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Rumahku Syurgaku

My apartment is almost ready for occupation. I called the developer and they told me that they're just waiting for the COF, they expect to hand out the keys by next month. Yesterday I drove around the area just to see if it is actually finished, and it is! The roads are all tarred and flat, unlike last month when it looked like a minefield.

I can't wait to move in. Well, actually I can but I want to move in as soon as possible. I just cherish the thought of having my own personal space (at what price, don't ask). It's so cool to be a homeowner at this age.

Well yeah, I'm still driving the (very) old car. But I'm getting something better in lieu. So guys, go get your Civics and Beemers, I don't envy you one bit =)

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Dish Best Served Cold

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while. For those drama buffs, you might just like this one.

I used to go out with this girl whom I shall name as Anne. Things were going fine when suddenly she told me that another guy was pursuing her as well. She told me she didn't even like the other guy, so I decided to take her word for it.

Then she stopped answering my calls and did not reply to my messages. Ohh, I should mention that she has a twin sister as well, whom I shall name Mary. Sometimes, my calls were answered and the voice would say "Anne tengah mandi lah" or something. The funny thing was, the voice were Anne's and not Mary's.

So the ignoring went on for a while until I had enough. So we met to sort things out, and turned out she chose to go with the other guy. Her reason? Because the other guy has done a lot of things for her (like buying her things from Paris et cetera). Yeah, I bet. She told me that the fella even promised to buy her a car! How can I, a student on the brink on starvation most of the time, even hope to come close when material things became the deciding factor? So I backed out, keeping my pride as intact as I can and we promised to stay friends and keep in touch. No, that did not happen.

So a year passed. I was already working. God knows what's been going on with her, probably enjoying her wealth of happiness (pun intended). So on this one inconspicuous day, I found myself at the PTPTN office in KL Sentral waiting for my turn at one of the counters. The place was packed and the only empty seats left were beside me. It was either fate, or people were avoiding those seats for other reasons (I don't have BO by the way). Nak dijadikan cerita, as I turned to look at the people entering the office, I saw them. They were looking for seats and I can see Mary spotting the empty seats next to me. But of course, they did not notice this guy in work clothes with a laptop just sitting there.

Mary sat next to me, with Anne grabbing a seat in front fo me. Then did Mary realized who was sitting next to her. She summoned Anne, and Anne's reaction was to immediately turn away for a second before turning back and smile. Shocked? She could've seen a ghost judging by her expression.

So I talked with Mary, with Anne staying out of the conversation. This is where things turn my way. She started to ask about my job so I gave her a brief rundown. She looked impressed, while Anne keep a polite smiling face. I gave them my business card just to act as evidence in case they thought I'm making it up.

Then Mary asked the inevitable, how much do I make. To the uninitiated, it's actually quite rude to ask unless if the person is very close to you. But on this occasion, I'm willing to oblige. So I told her (them actually, I directed my answer to Anne), and this time I saw the smile froze and her jaw slackened. Yes ladies and gentlemen, The Banker has fired the first salvo. Just to rub it in, I asked them when are they going to the UK (they were doing twinning programme I think). Mary said they might not go, and most probably just stay and finish their degree here in Malaysia. So I go "Ohh that's a pity. I'm going for a couple of months next year, thought we might hang out in London or something". Ohh I love the look of envy and frustration in the mornings.

I guess that was the crippling blow. They kept quiet for a while and they got up and left. They were waiting for their turns as well, but they just left. At least Mary had the grace to smile and say they wanted to check out the computers on the other end of the office. Anne just walked away. Me? Grinning like an idiot in the crowded office, thinking of what must go on in Anne's head.

Well Anne, you chose to take the easy way out and go for him. I guess his money then was too much of an attraction to you. You never saw my potential I guess. Too bad for you *grins*.

Ohh by the way, she's still sharing a car with her twin sister.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cloud Nine

11/08/2007 - Genting Highlands

...and beyond the trees, things fade into a shade of grey and white...
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A journey into the unknown?
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Whitewashed paradise.
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cerita Bell

Aku terase sungguh bell arinih. Why? Sebab aku baru sedar seluar aku pakai hari nih hanging. Tak pnah2 selame aku dok koleq aku pakai seluar hanging, skali dah keje nih pulak aku pakai.

It's not a new pair, so that means I've worn this pants for a while without realizing it. I must've shifted position a bit while the salesgirl was measuring the length of the pants, hence it being a wee bit too short. I like this pair, gedamit.

Well there you go, must be my first ever blog entry in market malay (melayu pasar lah, ape lagi). All that just because the first thought that came to mind when I realized my pants' situation, was just that. A monologue in malay speckled with some old colloquials dating back from my school days.

On a related matter, I think I have a peculiar way of talking to myself. No, I'm not yet mad. When I think, it's usually in the form of a 3rd person asking myself questions or giving motivation et cetera. Okay, probably I am a little off the rockers. Also, I find it funny that my thought process are usually in english. Even when the situation at hand is a malay lingua setting. I would just translate back and forth. For the life of me I cannot fathom why am I so comfortable using english as my primary internal language. I wonder if Petet thinks in French, or Abg Zaki thinks in Japanese. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, whose brain speaks to him in the 3rd person, and in another language than his mother tongue. Are you one of us?

bell = outdated.
hanging = the situation where the pants is too short it hangs above the shoes or just barely touching it.