Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sore Feet

What a long day.

Started out around 10 with Fahmy and headed to London with no plans at all. Only when we arrived at St Pancras we decided to go visit Arsenal and Chelsea's home grounds. We headed to Holloway Road station first and went around the Emirates Stadium taking some pictures. Then we wanted to go to White Hart Lane as well, but got lost somewhere near Seven Sisters so we took a bus back to Kings' Cross instead.

So shoot me, I'm not an Arsenal fan =P

From there we headed south towards Fulham Broadway. Halfway, we stopped at Green Park to go to Hard Rock Cafe to get some shirts. Lined up for about half an hour just to get in, and by the time we were through, we were a bit knackered from all the walking. What we did then was crossed the road and sat around Hyde Park for a bit.

Since it was only about 4pm, and still a lot of time to go before iftar, we hit the green and took a nap. Yeap, it was a nice day today with the sun out as though it's still summer. Loads of people taking in the sun too. We looked for a quieter spot and actually slept for an hour. We only woke up because it started to get quite chilly.

Then it's time to continue our journey. Went back to Green Park and headed southbound again. Next stop was Knightsbridge, Harrods. Too bad we were fasting since the foodhall looked so inviting. I was practically salivating at the food on display, and the price wasn't so astronomical as I thought. After torturing ourselves with the good food on show, we left and finally headed for Stamford Bridge.
Ohh, I'm no Chelsea fan either. Villa for life!

We got there around 6pm and took more pictures. After that we just hung out at a halal kebab place nearby the stadium. Iftar was a huge lamb kebab and fries with coke, nice. It's actually excellent when compared to the food we're getting here. Not that it's bad, just that having 3 kinds of potatoes every day is a bit too much to handle.

After that, we headed straight for St Pancras to return to St Albans. Managed to take a wrong train, and only reached our destination at about 10.30pm. Met Irene, Wakako-chan, Harris and June too in the train, so we took a cab back together.

Now I'm enjoying my sweet nectarine that I bought at M&S, and watching some lame gameshow on the telly (you wouldn't believe how many gameshows they have on the telly). My feet are hurting so bad, but I bet my bottom dollar my Overnight Foot Treatment lotion will soothe them


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

bro..aku tahu la ko aston villa nyer jgn la tunjuk sign down kt depan emirates kalau ko smp old trafford..make sure ko buat dedua tangan punya !

Ainaa said...

Oh my god! You're in the UK :) Have a good time there Fqrl, and don't let the fast stop you from enjoying yourself!

kidd said...

thumbs down with frowned faces at the bridge eh...takpe

bile pulak nak turun birmingham?.apa barang singgah sarang musuh dulu...

The Angelic Sinner said...

thats not saucy toek. kalau making faces in front of MU I terima.

you look like an icecream cone
knowing me, you know i memuji u kan? +)

The Banker said...

life4hire: trip up north nx weekend kot, sabar2

ainaa: yeah, been here for the past 2 weeks. i am enjoying myself so far, so fasting is not a hindrance ;)

kidd: seriously, stamford bridge needs a makeover. emirates is impressive, but since its new it should be pon. i'm planning to go to villa park and old trafford nx weekend (member aku mu fan, sigh), insyaallah.

em: when did i say it was saucy? when u buy me lunch, then only i'll let u in on saucy stories =P ohh, lunch that costs less than rm50 per person will not be entertained, tq.