Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Death On Deadline Day

The Director have this annoying habit of calling people to give work and will mete out the tightest deadline possible.

Me, my boss and another colleague went to see him to tell him that a business case we're building does not sound viable because of it's low margin. To cut a long story short, we got blasted at and he ended it by expecting me to see him on Thursday morning with a comprehensive presentation on how are we going to overcome the limitations and barriers that we've told him earlier.

The worst part is I'm on leave tomorrow. Or supposed to be.

Since the person in charge of stats is on course today, I can only get the necessary stuff from her tomorrow. So I have to come to work tomorrow regardless of my approved leave. And hey, I might even still be at work tomorrow night.

Oh God, I'm sure I'm gonna be shot to pieces come Thursday morning. It's like preparing for my own execution, bleargh.

All in a day's work huh?


cacah said...

wah. nampak sangat ketertekanan itu.
biasalah tu. tak dapat bercuti pada hari yang sudah diluluskan. :)

NoktahHitam said...

You can borrow my noose. Dont forget to return it back. (gile emo!)

Aku tak puas hati Tiada Lagi Kidung. Next time nak try lagi!

nur msha said...

hye there. I was doing some research on euro trip from msia and found yr website..

I need advice and hv lots of question considering u only spent RM5-6k only. I dont have a blog, so wondering if you could give me your email address.. THANKS!! oh this is my email, btw gummybear_10@hotmail.com

shaXu said...

standard la..
i'm having the same situation at the mo..the difference is that, my leave for this month 'dibekukan'..wadefff?!? so, good luck aa esk~

eh, you're supposed to send off your sis kan esk?? tsk! tsk!

The Banker said...

cacah: tuh la, tensen2

nh: tuh ah, terpotong plak..nx week plak!

nur msha: sure, will e-mail u soon

shaxu: beku? padan muka! hehe