Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rubber Story

Politics both thrill and bore me at the same time. Let's talk about something else, before the new cabinet is announced and I might have more things to rant which ultimately no one gives a shit about. OMG, I could be a damn politician!

I realized I've been telling a lot of stories recently. Well, here's another one =P

There's this chinese fella back in uni who we are chummy with. Let's call him Eric. He was housemates with some of my buds, so that's how I got to know him.

Anyway, the story goes that one night Eric was going to get lucky with the girlfriend. Since they are smart, he goes out to a 7-Eleven to get some rubbers.

So he walks in and browsed the racks for what he needed. Turned out, he can't find it. So he walked to the counter and casually asked the sales assistant "Durex ada ka?". The kid looked about for a second and told him they probably have more in the store room. So Eric waited while the kid went in back to look for his Durex.

After a few minutes the kid came back out and told him:

"Bang, Durex takde la. Eveready je ada"

Epilogue: Though I find the kid's naivety cute, I bet Eric thought otherwise, heh.


Anonymous said...

eveready...the batterylah

The Banker said...

err yes, eveready is a brand of battery. your point is?