Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mr. Tan

I have always disliked maths, though it will always be a mystery why the hell did I do engineering in uni and now working in a bank. My maths grade were okay during school though I hated it so much, except for during Form 4.

You know what they say, it being a honeymoon year and all. I really took it in spirit and frankly didn't bother much about my grades. Tasted my first F9 for Add Maths in Form 4, and it continues a few more times. I have no problem with Mod Maths but with Add Maths, I was completely lost back then. Mr. Tan was our Add Maths teacher then, a very patient and passionate veteran teacher who tirelessly tried to get us to understand what he's teaching us. I feel sorry for him looking back now, it's like dumping knowledge into a black hole =P

Anyway, when Form 4 comes to an end and Form 5 comes around, i realised the folly of my fooling around. I started studying Add Maths, asking for help from the bright sparks in class like Lada (goddamn he's a genius, he can sleep all throughout the period and still be able to solve the problems given!). The first exam of the year came around and funnily enough I was able to answer the questions posed. I felt a flicker of hope there!

So the day came when Mr. Tan told us the papers have all been checked and marked. He's gonna call us to collect our papers starting with the highest going down to the lowest. Groans were heard all around, we're not expecting this public humiliation!

"Hazrul Nizam, sangat bagus. 100%"

"Azahari, bagus juga, 100%"

Then I heard my name. MY NAME?!!

"FH, 99% bagus"

In a daze I walked to the front of class and picked up my papers beaming with utmost pride. Then Mr. Tan came up with the ultimate killjoy.

"You buat sendiri ke?"


P/S: Sumpah aku buat sendiri langsung tak tiru. People around me were all F9 Club members, aku nak tiru sape weh??? I don't blame him though, from failing continuously to getting 99% must've been very suspicious to him, bless his old heart.


YaM said...

haha...aku nyer first exam, dapat C kot..sbb lada dpt 100% dengan tido...aku pn tido gak la utk sesi2 kelas seterusnya..dan hasilnya...mmg 100% gagal..

cacah said...

f9 untuk add maths adalah perkara biasa.

tapi spm dapat c3... rasa sangat heaven. c

asniloveschocolate said...

kiteorgnye cikgu add math pon name mr. tan - mr tan jhi seng. sbb ade dua mr tan kat skolah, orang panggel die mr tan pendek. :D

kidd said...

Aku tak suke Addmaths, memandangkan cikgu2 yg aku jumpe tak best. Aku suke Matematik Moden, sebab ada Cikgu Pamela.

amcek dan kehidupan said...

teringat aku kata kata sahak,

"kalau mr. tan tu masuk islam, pahala die lagi banyak agaknya dari kite."

kekekeke....setiap kelas, mesti ade genius masing2. kalau kelas aku, tom la.

tapi, perumpamaan gaban dan lada adalah yang terbaik.


shAiNe.aLi said...

kak asni, mr.tan taught us physics.add math for us was by pn nafisah.i love math,hate biology but end up reading medicine.irony.

The Banker said...

yam: kalau kau berbakat cm lada, bleh la buat camtuh..haha

cacah: 3? i got a 4 pon rase cm dpt a =P

asni: haha

kidd: hoi, pam plak yg kau ingat!

medea: perbandingan tuh is another story for another day, haha

shaine: haha, the irony is not lost on me ;)