Thursday, March 18, 2010

Morning Madness

From: X
To: F; S

Please go through the list provided and pick out the ones with existing facilities. These are FX customers, so we should look to do more.

This is something you should do as a support staff and not let us in sales do it. We should be focusing on sales rather than this. If you don't agree, please come and see me.


From F
To: X; S

Please read my note out on 01Mar where I have actually done all necessary filtering and analysis. If you have read it, then there's no need for S to be doing it all over again as I have done the hard work. I attach below the aforementioned note for your reference.


- - - - -

One of the great wonders of the world, how come idiots get to be SVPs?


小文 said...


Anonymous said...

ape barang dia cakap pasal friendship pula ni?

shaXu said...

i hear you dude!!

sometimes tpikir gak, how these morons blh jadi managers/top management when the simplest thing pon agak blur??

bila kita nk bukak company sendiri nih?? kata nk join venture~

The Banker said...

young (yang?) wen: err, okay

anon: ditto

shz: nak mmg nak, tp part modal tuh sakit sikit, hehe

cacah said...

been there done that.
penat kita prepare document dan bagi awal giler then masa presentation still tanya benda yang jelas2nya ada dalam doc tu.

penat kan. tapi nak buat macam mana, bos.

apai said...

bagi sekali mcm eddie kasi kat mamak tu