Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rakyat Harus Faham

I'm not a political blogger, nor do I yearn to be one. But I am an interested observer, a backbencher to the backbencher of sorts.

It annoys me to no end when the government does not seem to understand their raison d'ĂȘtre. Firstly, whenever the general public raised a big hoo haa over something (toll rate to be raised, new taxes etc) the Minister in question would tend to answer with a Rakyat Harus Faham talk.

"Toll rates to be raised by 30%, we want an explanation!"
"Rakyat harus faham, the government is currently bearing the RM300mil cost of bla bla bla"

"Fuel prices to go up again, why?"
"Rakyat harus faham, currently billions of Ringgits are spent bla bla bla"

Well, if the government is not going to bear those costs, why are we paying taxes then? If they can't manage the budget prudently, should they still be in power? In banking, we provide mainly a service to our customers. The customers does nto want to understand what goes on behind the scenes, they only want the expected results. There's no point explaining to them we are facing this and that difficulty because to them, it does not matter. Telling the customer that they have to understand that we're bearing this cost and doing this and that just to do this for them is not going to get you more leeway. You might lose the customer even. In the broader aspect, why should we bother with the nitty gritty details of governing the nation? It's your task to govern, and govern it well. Give a better explanation, not the Rakyat Harus Faham talk please.

Also why is it that only when there's a by-election that everyone flocks to that constituency promising this and that and start building clinics and schools and bridges? If that's the practice then you'll do well to vote the most likely to die early in the next election. It should be on-going, and it needn't be tagged as Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional. The money does not come from your coffers, Mister BN sir. Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan is more apt.

I might sound pretty pro-opposition here, but I am not. I feel the current opposition offers nothing new or different to the current government in power. I am pro-people, pro-development, pro-rights. I am idealistic, but it doesn't hurt to dream of a better world ;)


ARADIA said...

Hey there, nice post!
I came across ur blog from eddie's (I think), do u mind if I link urs to mine?
Nway, last para. - my thoughts exactly.

zaaba said...

Hear hear!

Sokong 100%

Macam kau, kadang2 aku jemu cakap kat orang yg aku sebenarnya bukan pro parti X atau pro party Y.

We hold our politicians to such low standards, no wonder we're being trodden on. There is nothing wrong with demanding better from our leaders. After all, its why they're there in the first place!

kudo said...


The Banker said...

aradia: sure, why not? =)

zaaba: what we need is a new political party that is not based on racial lines, personal vendettas or religious divides. it might not work, but i'll support it in my idealistic bliss..hehe

kudo: glad we are in agreement, sir!

Anonymous said...

pi la buat party kau sendiri. orang semua tak betol.

masalah kat ofis pun tak bleh selesai smpai ke blog ni, cita2 terlebih nak komen seolah2 semua pemimpin yg ada tak betol.

arm chair critic mcm ni lah. perasan pandai.

The Banker said...

anon: wah marah nampak bang? rilek la, orang komen pon melenting. everyone has a right to comment, because we're essentially the employers to the government. jangan telan je apa orang bagi, sokong parti membabi-buta. learn to have a critical eye and mind, then you'll see the plethora of wrongs. so tell me, was what i said wrong?

apai said...

word fqrl! word!

anon : dude, seriously hang kena duduk minum kopi (or sirap) dgn kami. ni adalah implikasi kbsr dan kbsm kepada kami. critical thinking that is. i am pro current govt senang cita mmg radical siket.tapi post ni betul. kita dah x buleh buat mcm ni. amanah yg kita dapat ni Tuhan bagi untuk agama, bangsa dan negara. x slah nak keadaan jd lebih baik.fqrl pon x kata semua pemimpin salah.tapi benda yang salah kita betulkan lah.kalau kita pikiaq semua betui x dak cx and balance, payah lah.pemimpin nak dengaq apa rakyat bawah kata.kita bagitau, depa kena find out the solution lah..tu sebab kita pilih depa. kalau hang dok ataih, and hang terasa, betoila apa dia cakap.

fqrl: bro, safe trip! 3 minggu lagi kita minum sirap.

NoktahHitam said...

Anon: Kalau argue skit, suruh start party sendiri. Come on la. Bukak skit minda, semua mende bole bincang. Tade hitam putih. Hitam putih tu semua Allah tentukan. Keluar skit dari cara pemikiran tipikal lu.

Perasan pandai ke tak, itu aside, kalau nak telan je air liur setiap kali dahage, tak sedap jugak kan? So sekali sekale critical ape salah.

fqrl: well said ;)

The Banker said...

apai: sirap, anytime for you bro! haha

nh: thanks bro. sekali sekala tulis politik, terus orang marah. patut la ramai suka blog pasal politik, eventhough isi blognya mencarut tak tentu hala je mostly, haha. provocative is the keyword, yumm!