Monday, June 28, 2010

Now Where Did My Salary Go?

I am now back on home soil for a couple of weeks now. First day back at work, checked my inbox and was greeted with 700+ e-mails. Took me almost 2 weeks to clear everything, sigh.

Been a bit busy lately at work, it is the high season for us and the fact that half of the execs have resigned (including Big Boss who nicely gave a 24-hour notice before leaving, thanks a lot) does not help. Normally we would have a Director, assisted by 5 Senior VPs. Now we only have 2 Senior VPs left, and since my boss is taking up a portion of the Director's work naturally some of his work comes to me. Phew. Just have to take each new task one swear word at a time I guess.

But thankfully, I'm due to go on my compulsory leave in 2 weeks time! Two consecutive weeks of paid leave, that is bliss. I'll be spending my time in Bangkok for most of it, taking a 22-hour train ride to Hualamphong station from Butterworth just to do something different this time around. Will we have Bangkotitis second wave, we'll wait and see ;)

Pak Andhy is getting married in October and he's inviting me over to Jakarta for the wedding. I'm looking forward to attending my first authentic Javanese wedding, let's hope I can save enough money after Bangkok to go to Jakarta. Fir, I'm taking you up on that chicken tongseng offer yeah?

Finally in December the guys and gals are planning a getaway in Phuket. That would be one trip too many for me this year since I have something bigger in store.

Yeah, I work to travel.


apai said...

nice!! best betul bejalan hang ni!

cacah said...

phuket tak ujan ke bulan 12 nanti u?
have fun! we are heading to phnom penh next!

The Banker said...

apai: mmg best berjalan2 bro!

cacah: not going to siem reap?

cacah said...

tak tahu lagi. plan nanti... just bought a five days ticket.. might be on the plan...

nanayau said...

nak ikuttttttttttttttt