Monday, August 13, 2007

Cerita Bell

Aku terase sungguh bell arinih. Why? Sebab aku baru sedar seluar aku pakai hari nih hanging. Tak pnah2 selame aku dok koleq aku pakai seluar hanging, skali dah keje nih pulak aku pakai.

It's not a new pair, so that means I've worn this pants for a while without realizing it. I must've shifted position a bit while the salesgirl was measuring the length of the pants, hence it being a wee bit too short. I like this pair, gedamit.

Well there you go, must be my first ever blog entry in market malay (melayu pasar lah, ape lagi). All that just because the first thought that came to mind when I realized my pants' situation, was just that. A monologue in malay speckled with some old colloquials dating back from my school days.

On a related matter, I think I have a peculiar way of talking to myself. No, I'm not yet mad. When I think, it's usually in the form of a 3rd person asking myself questions or giving motivation et cetera. Okay, probably I am a little off the rockers. Also, I find it funny that my thought process are usually in english. Even when the situation at hand is a malay lingua setting. I would just translate back and forth. For the life of me I cannot fathom why am I so comfortable using english as my primary internal language. I wonder if Petet thinks in French, or Abg Zaki thinks in Japanese. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, whose brain speaks to him in the 3rd person, and in another language than his mother tongue. Are you one of us?

bell = outdated.
hanging = the situation where the pants is too short it hangs above the shoes or just barely touching it.


shazu said...

senteng la pulak seluar..
kalu kat skolah, surely dah kene buli dah ni..
pls la..eyot gell ok?

love the pics la..

The Banker said...

Thanks =)

thehappybunny said...

bell?! hahaaaahaa! that's a word i haven't heard in yonks!

The Banker said...

ohh, ur familiar with bell? so you must know a budak koleq then. or is it a common colloquial?

thehappybunny said...

my friend of mine introduced the word to us but she's not a budak koleq tho. dunno where she picked it up from and i don't think it's a common colloquial either cos i've never heard it anywhere else.

The Banker said...

wow, this is like 6 degrees of separation...haha

lin said...