Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Cynical Me

As is the case usually, the juniors showed themselves to be able sportsmen worthy of a place in the national squad. The seniors can just go procreate in an anatomically impossible way.


On another note, it's 30th August today. Tonight Malaysians from all walks of life will start partying. And getting drunk. And prolly get lucky too. Cynical, aren't we? I've not gone to Merdeka's Eve or New Year's Eve celebratory parties for years because I'm growing sick of it. Sick of the traffic jams, sick of the suffocating crowd, sick of the inevitable fights between yobs, sick of the drunk Malays making a damn fool of themselves, sick of chicks displaying non-existant tits to the world (note girls, you need boobs first to have any cleavage). I'm just getting old too quickly I guess. At least I used to enjoy the last part.

Oh ignore the old man. Quick kids, run to your nearest 7-eleven and stock up on booze, condoms and fags. It's going to be an interesting night. Get crazy, forget your earlier inhibitions if any, taste freedom tonight. After all, it's Merdeka.


I'm fast turning into a Davan.


*fizzy* said...

Cynical..yet so true..
And I agree every bit of your op.
Boss, flickr pix are sooooooo nice.

kidd said...

betina + botol = jerit merdeka tanpa segan silu. itu imej malaysia yang merdeka.godspeed!

La MaƮtresse said...

its scary to see some of us are more westernised than the westerners.. we should have our OWN ways of celebration man..

The Banker said...

ditto. colonization takes new forms and shapes these days.

Angelic Sinner said...

nice photos Toek.

oh well dropping a word or two wouldnt cause any harm i hope.

The Banker said...

harm? of course not. thanks btw =)

Angelic Sinner said...
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