Friday, November 9, 2007

Good Show, Bad Ending

Last Wednesday after work I went to pick my brother up from Uniten. We went to Sg Chua to have dinner first before heading back to KL. At the Sg Ramal toll plaza, we witnessed a major disappointment. There's a Wira and a V6 trying to do a drag race right from the toll plaza, and as they round a soft bend about 300m later the V6 skidded, swung around a coupla times and hit the wall by the side of the road. We passed by the car as we were taking the exit near where he skidded and crashed and that's where we got disappointed. The bastard was still alive.

The car's front end was smashed, the front bumper and the radiator was on the ground even. The engine was smoking, but the asshole was still in his seat looking dejected (could be shock, but I don't think he'll die from shock, bummer). So we did the next best thing that we could do, rub salt in the injury. We drove by slowly (it's a Malaysian pastime to look at accidents, but we weren't the trendsetter that time) and when we got near we both rolled down our windows and gave him the applause he desperately needed (and I think my brother gave him a thumbs up as well for the show). Bravo young man, you're alive to try and kill yourself another time.

Why I'm so pissed off? It's because he's endangering other people. I don't bloody care about him, but what if when the car wiped out there was another car taking the exit, or there was a motorcycle there? All these talk about Mat Rempits, maybe we should do something about these jellybrains as well. I propose Putera UMNO do a similar program with them like what they did with the 'reformed' Mat Rempits, just minus the parachutes. That would be fun innit?

And yeah, I'm including every effing one of you out there, friends and family included. Go kill yourself where you won't take someone else with you. Morons.


Angelic Sinner said...

how can you sound so kejam and caring at the same time? leave out the former, it doesn't suits you at all sweetie ~

baby panda said...

i wonder if that car really meletup in the end.. that'd be a spectacle..

Edwin Masripan, said...

ade gambar?

stupid bastard. nak race masuk sepang la. meh lumbe gen2 WMY 9600. baru 150 for 3 hours.

again.. bodoh.

btw, Putera Umno had similar project, tp tak jd ape2. it was back in 04 i think. i know because i was handing out the pamphlet.