Monday, January 21, 2008

Turning Twenty

Plus five. Denial denial denial.

What do people blog about when it's their birthday? The same standard "25 years ago, on a peaceful Wednesday morning bla bla bla"? Done that, and I still cringe about it now.

Anyway, I'd like to give my thanks to the 30 odd people who wished me a happy birthday. Some wished me a full week earlier(!), and some belatedly. For me it does not matter, at least they still made that effort. I appreciate that folks. As always, I'll try to remember yours too. Encik Deskmate IV Sc V even dedicated one blog post for me!

I've said before that I draw up my resolutions on my birthdays every year. I did, and it's for me to know. You may find it superfluous, but for me it's like an annual reminder of things we should do. No harm in doing, so I shall stick to it.

Steven's birthday is the same as mine, I only found out when I saw the notice board at the office proclaiming his team's birthdates. I agree 100% with him when he exclaimed to the whole department that all guys born on 19th January are very good looking. Well said indeed, haha.

Man, I started this post in the morning, and has been saving and reopening it a few times throughout the day. My mind is blocked, too concerned with work at the moment I guess.

Anyway, here's a happy birthday to Steven, to Youppe who also shares my birthday, and to anyone else who happened to have the same birthday too. Age is but a number, eh boys?

"we never grew old, it's just the body that wears out"
-heard during a MCOBA weekend


nanayau said...

i wished you on facebook, valid x?!! hehe

Ikhwan said...

hepi bufde pih.. tuo doh kito.. hehehehe

the banker said...

nana: yup yup, valid gak..hehe

kue; tuh la, 25!