Thursday, February 28, 2008

This And That

I'm bored. Left and right all I hear is about politics and the upcoming GE. Any Tom, Dick or Harry (or to be politically correct - Thiruselvam, Dahari or Hong Swee) is doing a discourse on politics on their blogs. If it's not brainless bashing and childish name calling, it's brainless bashing and childish name calling. Oh for the love of God, enough already.

Since I am steering away from talking about politics (I did it once, sorta), I wanna do a mindless post just to give you folks a bit of a variety.

I firmly believe you should get a load of these (if you haven't already):
Rama - Bertahan
Tokio Hotel - Monsoon
Gamma - Lost In Love
Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa
Athlete - Wires
Chris Cendana - Apologize (cover version)

They're heavily played on my playlist now, and yes some are old. Hey, let me know what songs are you listening to. Ohh, no Sigur Ros please. I think I've OD-ed on Sigur Ros recently. I'm still listening to lotsa Indonesian music, which has consistently produced good music. Hattan was saying on TV the other day how Indonesian music that came to our shores are thrash, unartistic stuff. Well, let's see you coming out with something artistic and listenable. To be fair, they have a far bigger talent pool. Something good gotta come out when you have 235 million people living (and probably singing in the showers) over there.

Which makes me wonder, when are we going to stop with the singing reality TV shows? It was entertaining to me during the auditions (good source of laughter, I kid you not), but when the show starts proper it would suck badly. Sikit2 nangis sikit2 nangis, duduk rumah je la. I'm sure you know which show I'm talking about. Malaysian Idol is not much better. Nor do the 327 other singing reality shows our TV stations are putting on air. Our population is only slightly more than 10% of Indonesia's, do we need that many shows?

From politics to reality tv shows, that's big diversion. Or not. We can do Who Wants To Be A Politician, or Akademi Politik you know. Maybe I should join those. Support me guys, just text APUNDI THEBANKER and send it to 32999. Bersatu Ke Arah Kemajuan! *some patriotic song playing in the background*


Mlle Linie.. said...

im overdosed with GE news. nak muntah pon ada. some taglines are oversold e.g. "50 years of success".. yeah right, successke? they can't even get the public transportation right, have 4 to 5 operators with inconsistent service times and accidents. the most BASIC things are not even there yet. ok, i used to take long journeys on the LRT and bought a car once i could afford it. sharing big bottoms and breakfast breaths are not my cup of tea. worse, evening-gaye-penat-kerja body ordour. btw, im refering to the putraline. star seems to fair slightly better because of the capacity.

bila lah malaysia nak maju when everyone want's a jaga their own periuk nasi!

hehe sorry dah melalut dah

The Yoga Instructor said...

Encik Banker,

Your youtube link tercantum lah from the third one, might wanna fix that up?

My two cent, I find that countries if not nations with strong usage of their mother tongue language (Indonesia, France, Japan) are richer in their music and movies because they are more soulful (I'd like to keep the word 'berjiwa' though). They were born and grew up with such rich culture and emotions that might have played big role in nurturing such strong influence on their arts, if not politics but let's not go there.

But just for the spirit, AFUNDI THEYOGAINSTRUCTOR, yo! I can guarantee you longer life, better health and flexible spine, apa macam? He hee..

The Banker said...

mlle linie: tell me about it. luckily i take star everyday, phew.

cik yogi: eh betul kan, someone who teaches yoga is a yogi? thanks for the heads up, dah betulkan dah the links.

a friend of mine, who is a recording artist himself said something similar about soul in the music. though he was referring to blacks, but the gist of your points are similar. jiwa is the key.

eh, APUNDI la for Akademi Politik. AFUNDI is for the crybabies who can't sing (much less dance).

shoeholic said...

helo mr banker. a silent reader i am or i prefer calling my self "the blog stalker" ..hehe.

totally agree with ur opinion on the reality show. makin lama makin melalut and the talent that we have now is not doing better or going anywhere. its the same o same o. b-o-r-i-n-g!!

The Banker said...

shoeholic: talent? what talent?

Perky said...

Speaking of reality shows, the one that I paling tak boleh tahan is Akademi Fantasia. It's been going on for way too long and the "talent" they produce is absolute crap.

Right now I feel that the Indonesian music scene is doing much better than Malaysia's.

nanayau said...

my all time fav song - imagine by lennon, and amazing grace, boleh? :D.
plus jgn tinggal daku by Tan Sri P.Ramlee. ada lagi tapi tak igt, hmm.

saya suka american idols, cheers

shoeholic said... bad.should've written the so-called "talent" that we bad..=)

The Banker said...

perky: ditto

nana: american idol is alright, they actually have talents coming out of it. malaysian idol? err...

shoeholic: haha, now we're talking!