Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lovers' Luncheon

This is my first post using my spanking new internet connection at home! Using my new Aspire 4920 no less, hehe.

Anyway, I'm way overdue for this posting. I know I promised someone I would blog about it ages ago, so here it is.

I decided to cook for my girlfriend last weekend. I scouted around for a simple recipe that I think I can make, simple yet tasty. After some deliberation, I decided on the following menu:

Starter: strawberries dipped in chocolate, chilled.
Main course: chicken parmesan with steamed baby potatoes and seared cherry tomatoes.
Dessert: peach melba.

It turned out well, and the kitchen miraculously escaped unharmed for the most part. Since I'm a huge fan of the food channel on Astro, I decided to make use of whatever I gleaned from it. So how did it turned out? You tell me.


Does it look like anything Gordon Ramsay might churn out from his kitchen? Haha.


I substituted the raspberries in the recipe for strawberries instead since I can't find any. Cold vanilla ice cream topped with warm peach melba. Sinful!


Since we don't drink, apple juice came closest. Presented in tall green bottles and served in wine flutes, sure looked the part.

Well, she loved it and I'm glad it did turn out like I imagined it would be. After all the trouble of getting the right menu, ingredients, napkins, cutleries and presentation, I would be stumped if it turned south. Relieved, is an understatement.

Then again, I would be in trouble if I can't outdo myself next year!


aznie said...


dun p.pekan said...

alahai romantisnya..
cairrrrr gadis² yg membaca nih.
[ke saje nak naikkan saham diri sendiri ? :P]

The Banker said...

cik kutan: saham dah x trade dh pon laa..hehe

savante said...

Ooh. Delish. Chocolate. How can it possibly fail?

The Banker said...

savante: yeap!

kidd said...

oh,persis ceritera. there's more on cooking from now on, i suppose. hm, cooking for friends, in the future?

kidd said...

oh,persis ceritera. there's more on cooking from now on, i suppose. hm, cooking for friends, in the future?

thehappybunny said...

you've set high standards for the women out there! but then again, i'm all for men toiling in the kitchen to please us women!

The Yoga Instructor said...

Sexy food with even sexier presentation. Well done!

Somehow you were in my dream last night, my boyfriend caught chickenpox (in that dream) and you were being an angel by sending lontong for us. I still remember the mouth watering tumeric stained yellow kuah from the dream.

How weird is that?

And I haven't had lontong for the past what, 3 or 4 or 5 years? And he has not had chickenpox yet! Ngghh..

The Banker said...

thehappybunny: i enjoyed it you know, perhaps i should seriously think about converting from being thebanker to thechef. or at least thecook. we can always dream, can't we ;)

The yoga instructor: ehh? i'm a lontong bearing angel? i myself have not had lontong in ages too! haha

your gf said...

then u can cook for me for life! tehe

The Banker said...

my gf: caaaannnnn, as long as you do the dishes =P

Mlle Linie.. said...

dont worry, i'll get the dishwasher to do it! haha *gaye pemalas gila*