Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I find it incredulous that even now some bugger would leave the toilet unflushed after use. What is so hard about pressing the damn knob?!

Luckily I have the privilege of using the Executive Toilet. Yes sir, we have an Exec Toilet which is just for use by us execs. It is damn spacious you can roll around on the floor (though why would you want to do that is beyond me), and most importantly clean. I dunno if it's because of the cleaning lady doing her stuff there more regularly, or it's the mentalset difference. Whatever it is, it's a small perk that I am enjoying very much, thank you.

You want more office drama? AV whom I mentioned in the previous post resigned yesterday, another 24 hour notice. Today he's back, because he got a counter offer. But that's only a small part of the story.

It started when AV wanted to get married a few weeks back, to a divorcee colleague who is 16 years his senior. Someone decided to tell their AV's parents about it, and a heart attack later the wedding is called off. Soon enough, he tendered his resignation. Then due to the high attrition rate, the bosses decided to try and retain him so they offered him a deal. He rejoins but in a different capacity, be under probation for 6 months and if things go well they will make him an exec. Hence him coming back like he never resigned.

This however leads to disgruntlement amongst other officers more senior than him.

"Apa bagus sangat dia sampai dapat counter offer macam tuh?"

"he got no experience yet can get an offer like that meh?"

"So good ah that guy that they're promoting him so quick?"

Honestly, I don't think he deserves the deal. I think the bosses are dealing with the issue badly. Yet again, what do I know right?

It's fun to sit nearby chatty officers who would always fill me in with the latest gossips. OK, back to work people!


Mlle Linie.. said...

amboi, dia pun mcm kita jugak kat opis lama.. tehe..

cik kutan said...

what a drama..
;) + :D

Perky said...

hahaha, nothing quite like the office politics! :)

The Banker said...

linie: listening can't hurt, but im sure they're not telling me the whole story since i'm still their boss anyway.

cik kutan: hence the title telenovela, haha

perky: definitely a way to spice up an otherwise dull day!

Anonymous said...

pis,when r u comin to uk? ym id kue678 add me up,bleh borak2..

Miss Aida said...


Office drama telenovella, coming to your computer screens today.

The Banker said...

anon aka kue: lambat lagi, either aug or sept..

aida: the fun never ends! or at least until you leave the corporate world.