Friday, May 2, 2008


I've been busy these past 2 weeks, apologies. Work piled up like there's no tomorrow, and ad hoc projects just kept coming. How the hell am I going to be able to do what I was supposed to do ?

A lot of things happened too, but maybe that's a story for a different time.

I've always had this affinity for old buildings. Colonial era structures, architectural beauties from days long past. There's a lot of them nearby my office, and I would sometimes dream of buying one of them and turn the inside into a contemporary designer penthouse, with the lower floor serving as the utility area. of course, this is not exactly the kind of area anyone would want to be in after dark, but who knows what might happen a few more years down the road. Some avant-garde developer might decide to buy the whole block and refurbish it into a posh row of swanky penthouses, something like the residential version of Asian Heritage Row.

Dream Residence Numero Deux is a Spanish styled villa complete with with the works. Stone facade, check. Wrought iron detailing, check. Ample space for greeneries, preferably with a stream running behind the house. The stream might be a bit hard to incorporate, but again who knows right?

Take a drive inside Tropicana and you can see a lot of definitely huge and definitely ugly mansions. Those folks have money, sure. Too bad all their gazillions can't buy them taste and style. Probably explains Mr Trump's hair too. It's all a lot of ego stroking and wealth flaunting, why do you need a mansion with 10 rooms when you only have 2 kids and maybe 2 maids? There's even one house, probably with Roman styling in mind, that even have statues of Roman soldiers or something on the gates. Way to go, Maximus Aurelius Tan.

But then, ultimately it's their money. I can talk about style and taste but without the necessary dosh, I'm still the outsider looking in. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? Though the Roman statues are a tad overdoing it, lest the neighbours get jealous and starts erecting 10-foot tall Zeuses and mini Parthenons in their gardens, overlooking the koi pond of course.


Perky said...

Haha! Yeah, I see a lot of those ugly mansions too. And you'd think that these people with the $$$, they'd at least consider hiring good architects to design a stylo-mylo house for them.

But perhaps in their mind, as long as my house is bigger than my neighbours', I'm richer than you lor! hehehe.

sdtlhfz said...

bro,can i get ur email,hntar thru fwenster msg eh..thanx...

Miss Aida said...

I think Tropicana has some of the ugliest mansions. Honestly.

The Banker said...

perky: exactly! ohh, hv u seen yusof haslam's house? it's huge, and fugly. i think they probably have a club or something for this, rich boys with bad tastes.

pija: sent u the msg already

aida: agreed. i think the mentality is 'bigger is better'. i'd rather have a small cosy cottage with an ample garden rather than a huge mansion with no spare land to serve as garden at all.

The Journo said...

i think somehow, you have a lil of me inside of you .

vice versa.

as i was reading your blog, i realized that we have so much in common.

your affinity for old buildings is just one of it.

random facts:

dream house no 1. a small, old villa (circa 12th century?) in tuscany.

dream house no 2. a small, old villa (circa 1800's) in capri.

dream house no 3. a small mansion in ipoh (circa 1899?), formerly owned by a Chinese towkeh.

or anything around lebuh pasar is good, the older, the better.

berangan is free ait?

The Banker said...

the journo: great minds think alike my friend, rest assured.