Thursday, May 15, 2008


Circa 2005.

A: Hey, run away with me. Pack your pyjamas and best dress shirt, and your best shoes. Your guitar and a black notebook; nothing else. I'll bring a chinese robe and a pair of stilettoes; and nothing else. We shall catch a plane to Marrakesh, and take a train from there to spain.
F: Actually, I'd rather that we stop in Marrakesh. Sounds good enough for me there.
A: We cant live in Marrakesh forever. I want to go on the Orient Express across Asia too. Run away with me, let's go to Paris and smoke Gauloises and drink caffeine on the left bank. Then we'll catch a plane to Mexico and walk through the sweaty and dusty streets in the hot sunlight, where all and everything is illuminated like Frida Kahlo's paintings.
F: Wonderful.
A: Then there you'll buy me a cloak from the local market, and then we'll fall in love.
F: And we'll steal a kiss from beneath the shades in the hot Mexican sun.
A: The air, being stiffling and humid; encompassing and still in that moment
F: And not only air, it was as though time stood still itself, for that one brief lingering moment.
A: Fall in love with me.
F: Make me. I'm not that hard to fall.
A: Fall in love with me not because my eyes prick the tiny hairs at the back of your neck, not because a warmth engulfs your chest when we just sit and do nothing, not because we can spend hours reciting dostoevsky and feel everything around us revolve and replace; love me not because you can't write; but merely because you adore me and nothing else.
F: I might just fall in love with you now.
A: What's stopping you?
F: Nothing but my own insecurities. The impossibly high wall of uncertainties and the burdening thick protective shell I've wound around my heart. Help me, help me get over myself.
A: It's only normal, you know. When attaching yourself to another person has left you bruised and scarred, it's normal to be hesitant the next time. Then when it happens again, it gives you every reason to back off.
F: Ahh we men do learn. Scars only serve to thicken the shell, over and over it wounds furthermore. Sometimes, a stray ray of sunshine does slip through.
A: Then let me be the sun and to hell with Juliet.
F: And the heat, that little piece of the sun had just about enough energy to melt it all away. Nay, I seek not Juliets nor princesses and queens, but only mortals who bleed as I do and weeps as I shall
A: "the sun is the west, and Juliet, she is the east".
F: And so shall I turn my back on the Orient, once and for all.
A: Let me be your sun; and I'll keep your ears out of the east. Ohh such lunacy! To be romantically involved with a boy; a boy for the brush of my hand along his face never spoke of the jaded heart of a man within.
F: Never before spoken such beautifully true words. Fall in love with my mind and my heart, for everything else are mere peripherals.
A: All that perishes is not real - rumi. Our hands and our lips, the receptors on our skin will soon rot and combine with the dirt of which from we were moulded; but our soul and our dreams, our emotions and our reasons will always be overhead. So I hold out to you my offer, of a fully and wholly pure; untainted, yet to be jaded heart.
F: We should record this and put it out as a book or something, don't you think? Haha.
A: Yes sure. Save this conversation if you can.

You know who you are.


Miss Aida said...

That's one of those beautiful conversations.

The Banker said...


The Journo said...

it sounds like one of the conversations i had with my 'friend'.

the orient express(although i prefer the pride of africa. somebody got killed on the orient express. blame christie), the gauloises (gitanes, s'il vous plait) and marrakesh.

go listen to carla bruni 'you belong to me'.

i'm sure you'll agree with me.

The Banker said...

the journo: i prefer gauloises if you dont mind, it's more flavourful than gitanes, if there's such a word.

and yes, i do agree. you belong to me, bjork+thom yorke's i've seen it all and this conversation belongs in a category of their own - things that can make your hair stand on its end for no reason.