Thursday, July 24, 2008

Canned Worms

Okay, another slightly political posting. Skip if you're not interested.

Hands up those who thinks the Terengganu MB is doing a great job at handling the Mercedes case? I don't think we'll see that many hands up in the air.

I'm not gonna comment whether it's right or not to do so, or whether he's using the money entrusted to him in the best possible way or not. I'm thinking of another angle.

He revealed that one of the reasons they're buying Mercedes is because the maintenance cost of the V6 are too high, exceeding RM235k in one case. I think this is his dumbest act so far. Anyone with half a brain will see that something is wrong. An RM130k car is incurring RM235k of maintenance cost in 4 years. Yet those responsible for it never complained to Proton nor sent it in to Proton Service Centers to claim on the warranty. The cars were repaired/serviced at various workshops instead.

Tell me if it doesn't sound fishy. I would go ballistic if my car is costing me anything to repair due to its low quality as claimed by Mr MB. Normal wear and tear, okay but if it's gonna cost me even a fraction of what they spent, I'll just buy a new car instead. But I'll make sure I'll raise hell with Proton first. If I'm an MB, I'll request a personal audience with Proton's top brass to explain why the shoddy work on the cars.

I think, somebody has been claiming non-existing repair charges. Little by little at first, then got greedy when they got away with it. In the end it culminated in 235k worth of total maintenance cost. Isn't it funnier when the car in question was used by the previous MB and now the current MB? Coincidental, I think not.

BPR is on the case now, and if they don't find anything fishy then BPR has got to be investigated next. Mr MB just opened a huge can of worms, for his current posse and the previous one as well. Itu la, next time nak buat jahat biar pandai.

Anyway, it's just my lima sen's worth.


Perky said...

Wow... I'm so out of touch with the news that I didn't even know of such thing!

But I agree with you... it does sound a tad too fishy.

distant observer said...

Anyone with a little brain knows that if the maintenance cost> than the cost of the car itself, it is just justifiable that the car is to be condenmed (BER) and replaced. If not someone has been using those so called bills to pilferage from the state coffer. For the MB to use the former excuse to justify his decision (buying MERCs) is rather foolish and damn stupid!
I suppose most of our polticians are foolish to the extend of being stupid..

Anonymous said...

posting your thoughts masa kerja ke? Boleh ke?

The Banker said...

perky: not knowing might not be a bad thing you know =P

distant observer: i agree with your last line completely

anon: as long as i get my work done on time, shouldn't be a problem. you're not my boss by any chance, are you? *sweat*

Anonymous said...

I'm not your boss but to others, I am. Happy blogging!

|1f34|-|1r3 said...'s not the current MB who is responsible for all that costs..actually it was his plot to expose the last term MB for his corrupt acts....wait and see..who is going to take all the heat....lalalalala

The Banker said...

anon: oh phew, that's a scare =P

life4hire: nah, i don't think he's that smart. he prolly did it unintentionally while trying to save his own ass.

NoktahHitam said...

From my angle, why Merc? Why not Audi or Bimmers? Merc locally assembled?

Rm265k - I think they serviced their family member's car as well, including the maid.

It doesnt matter what car they drive, brain still zero.

Anonymous said...

They service the maid or the car belonging to the maid??

Anonymous said...

They service the maid or the car belonging to the maid??

Miss Aida said...

Well, unless we're sending our cars to be serviced in Japan, it does sound strange.