Wednesday, October 22, 2008


(let's take a break from travel stories first, it'll be resumed after this intermission =P)

Every month on payday, I would do my budget for the month ahead and would try hard to stick to it the best that I can. Of course, I almost always didn't manage to do that.

This month however, my internal accountant is flashing a red flag. After calculating all my necessary spendings, it came up to 85% of my salary! Normally it's not more than 65%, the reason for this surge is that I have to pay off some other bills and fees relating to the house, on top of the usual expenses (car and house repayment, utility bills, LRT pass, fuel etc). Trust me, owning a house is no easy (nor cheap) matter.

So with the balance, I calculated and found out that if I carry on with my normal spending and eating habits, I would be literally broke in 2 weeks. What now brown cow?

Well, I decided I would only eat out during lunches (I have no choice anyway) and eat at home for dinner. So, I did a quick mental inventory of what I have in the kitchen:

1 pc chicken breast
1 bag mixed veggie
1 pack hotdogs
2 boxes murtabak raja*
3 pc instant roti canai (my gran made em!)

12 eggs
1/2 chocolate cake
1 bottle whipped cream
1 bottle Hershey's choc sauce
1 bottle mustard
1 jar mayo
1 pack Cheesedale

1/2 pack dried pasta
2(?) cans of sardines
1 can Prego pasta sauce
assorted herbs and spices
2 packs instant noodles
1 bag rice
1 bottle cooking oil

I think that should be enough to last me a few weeks. It's also a good time to start shedding some pounds off, don't you think? Ahh, it feels just like back in the student days - not having enough money to even eat!

* it's a delicacy from back home. It's named so because it was created to cater to the Royal family at first, and the price reflects it too -_-


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

haha..i'm broke car house loan payment..but still broke..why aaaaaaaaaa??

murtabak raja...hmmm..don't tell me it's the ridiculous RM 16 a piece murtabak ??

*fizzy* said...

the more you make, eventually you'll spend more lah kan. it's only natural. but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. baju x semestinya beli kat Zara, ok. :p

last week memborong murtabak raja for my colleagues and yanie. it costs RM13 now. so, i don't know how much they'll sell @the kb airport. dulu ye lah RM16.

anyways, tahan lama ok semua barang2 tu. insyaAllah you can last until the next gaji.

idya said...

oh btw, kalau nk soping zara jugak..

ade zara warehse sale nnt.. :)

The Banker said...

life4hire: kau joli banyak sangat tuh beb, bawak2 bertenang sket..

fizzy: harga makin turun kah? aku x perzen pon, haha

idya: tanak la, my clothes can't even fit into my wardrobe anymore. nak kena bikin custom walk in wardrobe dah.

idya said...

"my clothes can't even fit into my wardrobe.."

errr... errr.. tkle fit dlm wardrobe ke.. tkle fit kat empunya badan.. :p..

peace brader...! LOL

kidd said...

murtabak raja.1st time to came across the name here.i wonder, whether the taste is justified by the price tag?16 ringgit malaysia,hm...


distant observer said...

It is a bid sad to hear that you are in such a state...
Solutions: get married to share the costs... or find a rich girlfriend to support some of your expenses.... or find a roomate to share the bills... or fast again for the next one month....Anyway Good Luck ...

idya said...

maaf.. tolong jawab on behalf penggemar murtabak raja.. hehehe..

it's super delicious.. seriously tkle compare dgn murtabak lain.. sangat2 sedap.. i dont even mind paying rm20 for that 3-inches-tebal murtabak.. hehe..

maka dengan itu en badak, sile la buat open hse.. kau hidang murtabak raja je dh cukup.. :p..

The Banker said...

kidd: someday i'll let u try it, u tell me if its worth the price tag ok bro?

distant observer: a faster solution is if people pay up the money they owe me, but i guess i'll wait for pigs to fly first =P

idya: aku tgh credit crunch, kau nak aku buat open house plak. pot luck bleh la, aku supply venue je..hehe

kidd said...

looking forward to it,bro.

"wait to pig to fly first...".hahaha.classic.

idya:what the...3 INCHES?i hope the stuffings would not consist MAJORLY of onions.points taken.

idya said...

err.. sorry type.. it's 3 cm.. hehehe

aishah said...

murtabak raja sangat sedap!
dan isinya, consist majorly of meat.