Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's been weeks. Since the presentation, I've been to several countries before finally arriving back barely in one piece. For that, look out for the next entry.

So, leaving the place I called home for four weeks was a bitch to say the least. And I wasn't trumping it up when I said home. After a while, you get a kind of affinity for your room, your hangouts etc eventhough we all know it's temporary. It's a kind of fleeting love. Short and sweet. A four-week stand.

But upon arriving in KLIA, as I exited the glass doors and instantly enveloped by the humidity, it brought a smile to my face. This is home. Broke a sweat within 10 minutes too, no doubt I'm back on familiar shores.

Arrived home and was disappointed to see that my bro has wrecked the house. Open pizza boxes on the table, empty cans on the floor, dishes unwashed, laundry piling in the spare room, and a broken vase to boot. Not even my room was spared. I was weary with 10 days of non stop travel and almost on-existent creature comfort, and was expecting a nice clean house like i left it (thanks to mom and Kak Cho who helped out a lot in getting the place spick and span) so that I can just crash.

So I did the dishes and Makdik helped to pickup some of the thrash, and after that just gave up and slunked down on the couch. After Makdik left, took a long shower to wash off the grime and travel off of me. Before long I was in dreamland, amidst the mess that was formerly my home.

Woke up at 2am, hungry since I haven't eaten since breakfast on the flight and cooked up a quick fried rice with tuna (honestly all I have in the kitchen then was a can of tuna in brine, some rice, oil and the assorted condiments). It wasn't good, but enough to last me until the next day. Turned on the TV and watched DVDs until it was time for me to go to LCCT to catch my last flight for some time (I hope), back to Kota Bharu.

Now a week later, I have a bad flu, coughing incessantly and still having trouble sleeping correctly. That's why it has taken me this long to write something about it. And now, stay tuned for stories from the Euro Trip.


cik kutan di kutan said...

deme pulok doh..
kau hok deme..aku yg dpt mc 2 hari..

get well soon.
suroh orang ittew masok..

kidd said...

"Broke a sweat within 10 minutes too..."

that's a good sign. it helps bringing down you cholestrol stockpile from foreign lands,haha.euro trip,eh.looking forward to it.


The Banker said...

cik kutan: arinih try amek mc tp dr bg ubat je..terpaksa keje full day, sigh

kidd: dok sana x berpeluh siot, balik tanahair je terus berpeluh..haha