Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I admit, I was never a very good student in school. Probably I was back in primary school, but then that could be due to the fact that I have two teachers as parents so non-submission was not an option. But then I got my big break - boarding school!

If there's one school rule I broke over and over again unrepentantly, it was staying within the gates. It started way back in Form 1, believe it or not. I would walk nonchalantly through Cikgu Azmi aka Wawu's gates and go down to Lembah for the roadside cendol (before it moved to the current location, it used to be located right beside the main roundabout and we would sit on benches perched on top of drains).

In Form 2, we would go out via the fence behind the mosque since there's a stump nearby that can be used to step over the fence. Either that or through the drain at the far end of New Hostel (before they blocked it with steel bars).

In Form 3 we had to ask for 'permission' from the Form 5 to 'fly', and I slowed down a bit since every time you ask for permission you'll be tasked to buy burgers or something in return.

Then came Form 4 - honeymoon year. Not to stoke old fires but we were practically left to our own devices since the Form 5 were unable to reign us in. I started exploring new territories. Ipoh became next port of call, thanks to Red & Yellow Omnibus operating out of KK bus station. We would either go to town legally on Saturdays and get changed in the public toilets and rush up the buses, or go out at night and spend the night at mosques in Ipoh. I know, what was I thinking? We went to Ipoh mostly to catch new movies at Ipoh Parade, or play arcade games at Yik Fong. That year, the best way out was through the gap in the fence leading to parking area for lorries. Most of us can fit through then, not sure now though =P

In Form 5, of course we can do whatever we want now. I took it another step further, fly to KL! First time I did it because Tuah asked me to accompany him because he wanted to go to Sg Wang to buy a new deck (skateboard, not cards). He's even paying for my bus ticket! So I went, arrived at Pudu and went to Sg Wang for a few hours and took the night train back to Kuala Kangsar. That year, going out was made easier when we befriended the guy who worked the kitchens. Thus Ekspres Surabaya was born - the dining hall van =D The fella would drive and we would lie flat on our backs until we got past the guardhouse, then he would drop us anywhere in town. But of course, you have to book your 'seats' early since it can fit only 4-5 guys in one trip and there's only one trip each night. Coming back in was usually via climbing over the connecting gate to the mosque and then making a dash for the safety of the dorms.

My parents would've been disappointed or even perhaps downright angry if they found out then, but since now I turned out not so bad after all I guess I can reveal some stuff now =P I am glad I did those things though, since life would be a lot less exciting if I hadn't. So yeah, perhaps I never was a teacher's favourite or a top student, but I don't regret a thing. Carpe diem fellas, carpe diem ;)


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

haha...ekspres surabaya...memang takleh blah...lepas ni kena cerita pasal port lepak kalau fly la plak..haha...

cacah said...

tak lengkap la cerita boarding school kalau tak de sejarah fly. heh.

ZubaidahArshad said...

I used to Fly High too. But the activity stopped when one of our wardens letak grease dekat pokok yang (how to say this) sebelah pagar, and the pagar sebelah huge drain, and the only way to pass the fence adalah dengan peluk pokok tu.

Tapi one night, one of the flyers peluk pokok tu then habis baju hitam kena grease.

My wardens were douche bags then.

The Banker said...

this is just a brief history of my 'flying' career back then, part yg kena rotan etc panjang lagi..haha

Anonymous said...

notty. *rotan*

just ask for permission jela.

if tak dapat, wait until outing days...


The Banker said...

ichentayou: where's the fun then? =P

lin said...