Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Human Hovercraft

I hate going shopping for new boxers at Isetan KLCC, but invariably I would always end up there. I hate it because every single time I went to the undies section of the men's department and walked over to the place where they have my preferred brand, there will be a female promoter standing nearby watching me. How uncomfortable is that?

I'm fickle with my boxers, I only buy those that I think looks nice (besides the obvious cutting, price and brand). Which means I would spend some time looking through the selection. All the while this girl would hover very closely and keep asking what colour I'm looking for, what size, what brand etc.

If I said it once that 'it's alright, I can handle it', don't ask the same damn question after 5 minutes!

Come on, put yourself in my shoes. How would you like it if when you're trying to buy a bra and a male promoter is asking you questions like what's your cup size, and eyeing your choices too. Not so fun, isn't it?

I know you're trying to help, or perhaps your boss have made it clear that no customer shall be left unattended or something, but hovering like that when a man is trying to buy his undies is not the way to go. On several occassions I left without buying because it got too annoying.

If somehow anyone who works in Isetan is reading this, please let those girls know. Especially since I have to go on another boxers shopping trip soon *sweats*


ZubaidahArshad said...

If I were you, I'll tell her

"Girl, in my jeans right now, there lies an extra huge super gigantic schlong and I am looking for a pair of boxer shorts that can accomodate such anaconda. Would you kind enough to help me with that?"

Rest assured, she will blush and run away.

Me & Computer said...

what size...did she refer to the size of the boxer or the size of the package? hahahhahahhha

Anonymous said...

thats mean, they do their job.

shy? next time, come with ur mom.


The Banker said...

za: haha, dont wanna get in trouble for sexual harassment with that!

me & computer: i hope she was asking about the boxers!

ichentayou: well yeah, just it's very uncomfortable with all that attention.

with mom? haha, can't even remember when's the last time i went shopping for undies with her

idya said...


terigt teman kau shopping for boxer kt alamanda.. demm, i came all the way from kl mase tu, picked u up at sg ramal and went to alamanda just to teman kau beli boxer.. cisss..

The Banker said...

idya: haha, tuh time kau baru start keje kan? lol