Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Whenever I (had to) use public toilets, I used to read the graffitis 'decorating' the stall while taking care of business. It amuses me to read so many advertisement for 'services' of all kinds. Jantan sasa? Got. Amoi manja? Got. Pondan mantap? Gottttt.

They always listed down the phone numbers as well if you feel like having a try. Many a times, they even have diagrams illustrating 'certain' facts.

Then recently I noticed how times have changed. After such a long time of not visiting public WCs with graffitis, I finally found one with some writings on the door and walls:

"kerajaan makan duit rakyat!"

"parti xyz takda telur, pengecut"

"parti 123 pak turut, sembah parti abc"

Aik, vandals pon nak main politik jugak? When did everyone stopped having fun?


nismo said...

eh, macam penah ku nampak vandal nih.. kat mbo tu kan?

kidd said...

vandals up it up a notch.