Friday, October 8, 2010

Hi, I'm Brad

My younger brother is afflicted with a serious condition called 'perasan hensem'. He is always crafting tall tales of how girls swoon and sway because of his hensemness. Being the elder brother, of course I can't let him have his day.

Well one day, we were watching the idiot box when he quipped:

"I'm so handsome, girls froze in their tracks when they saw me"

"Yeah right, that was because I was right behind you"

"No, they didn't even see you because I was glowing with awesome handsomeness"

"Those are just streetlights reflected off your oily pimply face lah"

"Ceh, ini adik Brad Pitt tau?"

Before he realised it, I already said thanks =D


cacah said...

hahaha. :D

Lanun Kacak said...

ahhhhh.. tersasul okay! hahaha

nismo said...

aku rase name adik brad pitt tu arm pitt... :p