Friday, May 4, 2007

A Synopsis

I've been on a readfest lately. Bought several books, and read several more. I've gone through Levitt & Dubner's Freakonomics and Garcia Marquez's Memories of My Melancholy Whore, and am reading Garcia Marquez's Love in Time of Cholera. However, I decided to loan it out to Alicia first and borrowed Eugenides' Middlesex from her.

There's still Burgess' Malayan Trilogy and King's Tales From a Buick 8 yet unread. I really should stop buying books and finish reading them first.

I am going off to Miri next weekend for the Miri Jazz Festival along with a few colleagues. It will be a short trip only, didn't take any extra leave. Will leave for Miri on Saturday morning and return to KL on Sunday evening.

Last weekend I was in Kuala Kangsar for MCOBA Weekend, which I find very drab this time around. I have made plans to skip the next two events in anticipation of 2010's event. Make no mistake, the time spent there was priceless. Had loads of fun with the guys, just that the usual festival atmosphere of OBWs weren't evident. Probably this was due to the fact that it was held earlier than usual.

Can't really elaborate on anything much, mind is empty and stomache is full. The period after Friday prayers are only good for siestas. Work? What is that?

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