Thursday, April 19, 2007


I am a music nut, but I'm not particularly gifted in anything. I can play the guitar, but not well enough to warrant special mention. I can sing, but only to myself and when no one is listening. Though I've karaoke-d before, no one has complained. I think I'm more of a Jack of all trades (yet master of none). Prolly they are too nice. But one thing for sure is, I need to listen to music all the time. I listen to it on the train rides to and fro work everyday, I listen on the car radio, I listen on the WinAmp when I'm home. I listen to many varying genres, it's hard to pin my taste down. Generally, it's rock. But I do listen to dangdut even when the mood strikes me. Yeah, people who knows me as the banker wouldn't believe this. Cufflinks and matching ties does not really go well with dangdut, does it?

Anyway, these days I've been listening to a few bands I'm not familiar with before. Some friends recommended them to me, and I decided to take a plunge. Turned out, they're not half bad. So do take a listen to Acceptance and Boys Like Girls. I would recommend So Contagious by the former and Holiday by the latter. Then if you like it, listen to their other songs as well.

Back to my guitar, I own a 5-year old cheapo electric which I frequently refers to as my girlfriend. Well, I do touch and stroke her more than anyone or anything else. Anyway, it's a bloodred number, with 24-frets. Maple neck and headstock, rosewood fretboard, 3 single-coil pickups, and sounds decent enough for a starter guitar. Plus it was very cheap. Now that I've played for a bit, I can discern the flaws in the sound. So I am looking for a new one. I've been eyeing SX GG1 at Chambers Music in Sg Wang, have tried it as well. From all the reviews I've read, it's apparently better than Epiphone Les Paul (which cost more than twice of SX). I've tried it, and it plays well. But the colour is not what I wanted. If they can order one in black for me, then I'm sold. Still looking though, not ruching into any purchases. Am also getting the Marshall 15W amp to go with it as well.

Someone wanted me to write more about my love life. I'll give it a thought. I don't want this to be some soppy preteen diary that talks of getting heartbroken all the time. I guess I have a different view of the situation now. More rational? Perhaps. Not really looking for new ones now, but I'm not counting anything out. Just keeping my options open. Love is the melody of life, is it not?


*fizzy* said...

Dear Sir,

I too can't live without music.
I'm a bad singer, and I don't play any musical instrument.
[not even tuba, my instrument in brass band..]
And I can't read music notes.
even so, I love music much..

But no matter how much I love music,I have yet to find the "melody of my life"..
Sheeeshhhh..I'm being pathetic now.

Take care!

liani said...

wait.. i thought i heard someone say 'love is for losers... ' hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

#sing only to urself n when no one is listening?

#dangdut occasionally?

how secretive u r and how tempting it is to let everybody knw the real truth