Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Through A Beginner's Eye

24.07.2007 - Demong, Besut

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...

dark skies

Ohh my, starry eyed surprise!

twinkle twinkle

20.07.2007 - Little Sister, no more.

Congratulations Pija & Kue, I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Pija & Kue

Footnote: These pics are raw jpegs, unedited. I want to change the contrast of the 1st pic and do some cropping to tighten up the shot. I'll upload the full-sized pic somewhere later. All pictures are shot with Canon EOS 400D with the kit lens (18-55mm).


♥fizzy♥ said...

I can't see Pija's face lah..

Btw, I like the first 2 pix..
Editlah sikit, so that they'll turn out nicer.

The Banker said...

I am going to edit it a bit, just that right now don't have the necessary tools lor. I'll do so when I'm back in KL.

Hime-sama said...

w0ot! dSLR :)

second pic dah ok... edit la color kasik yellowish and highlights the red~ ecece nyebok je aku

nanayau said...

i like the second pic too

maistresse seduisante said...

ada orang tu cakap.. he wished he was the one who got married (double wedding ke?).. :D..

*fizzy* said...

I've posted the news in my blog.
Check it out, ok?

sHa said...

thanx 4 the suggestion yeh.
mmg i listen to kangen band also.
rintang pon da d/l.
sgt best!

btw, hasil tangkapan eos anda best!
buat freelance photography yeh?

The Banker said...

freelance? not quite. just for fun lah..someday when i'm good enough, maybe i'll freelance =)

thanks anyway!