Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have an unhealthy interest in morbid matters. That is the reason why I started listening to death metal during my early teens (and I still do by the way). I've read occult texts and books, and devour all and any article that comes my way regarding the dark arts and things beyond my perception.

I enjoy horror movies above all else. I try to watch them alone at night just to give me a more conducive atmosphere. Well, what could be more suited when the reality hits very close to home.

First let me give a bit of a background. My mother has 2 sets of parents, the birth parents and the adopted parents. Adopted might not be the correct term as her adopted father is actually her uncle. The couple took her in because they are childless, and that she is her uncle's favourite niece. They also adopted 3 more children, my aunties Che Zah & Auntie and an uncle Pakcik Maarof (my mom also has another 3 sisters who are her siblings).

So time went by and let's move on to the more present timeframe. Back in 1999, Cik (my mom's adopted mother) passed away. Then strange things started to happen. I might tell them at a later time, be patient. Then only did my mom told me what she saw and what she experienced during her childhood. All in all, it's suffice to say that Cik used to 'bela' something. But the stories I've heard from the neighbours where Cik used to live always sounded far removed from my life. Until recently.

Behind Cik's house lived a distant relative of ours. She has 2 little daughters of preschooling age. The girls always tend to disappear during the day and only return home as it's getting late. It's been happening for quite a while, and the mother became quite suspicious. So the mother asked them where have they been. They said they've been spending time at the area behind their house with on old lady called Cik Bidah. The mother was dumbstruck, as there's no other Cik Bidah nearby other than my deceased Cik. Then the girls went on to say that Cik Bidah told them that she misses her grandchildren because they no longer came to visit.

Yes, it's a true story related by the relative to my mom early this year. Yes I was scared shitless. FYI, when she was still alive me and my sister used to go over to her house everyday with my mom to send her lunch and dinner. When I went to boarding school, my mom alone continued that duty. My other cousins rarely came as they lived quite far. So who else can the supposed Cik Bidah be talking about? Trust me, no movie ever made me feel even close to what I felt then.

Oh, someday I'll garner enough courage to head over to the old house and snap some pictures of it. It looks like the classic image of haunted houses people usually have. More interestingly, according to mom, the lawns are still well trimmed although no one has been inside the gates for years. Funny that.


♥fizzy♥ said...

that's sooooo disturbing,ok??

but I'm looking forward to see the photo of that house..

or is it better if I just go and look for the house myself?

hahahahahhaha..mcm laa berani sgt!

Bini Mokhtar said...

berani la tu? nanti dia ikut ted balik.......................hee..hee...

The Banker said...

fizzy: wait until u see the inside of the house. us cousins were often too scared to come out of our room at night kalau sleepover kat situ. too many dark hidden corners and rooms lah.

t: die ikut, i just bg ur address je. u kan lonely now, bleh die teman =D

kidd said...

lucky kampung house stand a few meters next to a masjid. and i my late tok ayah had this ability, as a 'vessel' to do holy healing. but one time, satu suare menakutkan menegurku.bang goes my courage and terus tido after that.

shaXu said...

dun show me the pics,ok?
be a good boy now~

the banker said...

to think of it, jom buat rombongan usha rumah tuh! it's ramadhan, hantu kena ikat ;)