Friday, September 7, 2007

Sick Note

Dr Shantini offered me an MC but I declined.

"It's okay, I think I'll go back to work. Too many things to finish up"

Now I'm regretting that decision. I should've accepted the MC and just return to work. At least that's a free ticket for me to leave anytime.

I've a headache, I'm nauseous, I'm cold and my stomache is topsy turvy. My boss is leaving for KLIA at about 3pm, and I'm gonna leave afterwards. I'll just have to do my work tonight or over the weekend. Crap.

I'm in for a thrashing come Monday morning. Please be kind Mr Director, this is the best that we could do with such limited information and resources...

I think I might throw up.


Edwin Masripan, said...

cuti is cuti!

kidd said...

hahah,edd speaks his mind, and u gotta listen!

maybe sounds biase, because of lack of dark elements and ambience. it's way off from black metal u know. give a shot with children of bodom(melodic death metal x power metal)

The Banker said...

eddie: shoulda taken that mc, dang

kidd: cob is good, no doubt. in flames just sounded too mellow, like evanescence in emo-goth mood rather than melodic death metal.

go local bro, as-sahar!

kidd said...

the rules of listening to flames: go for the earlier albums. hahah, there's too many voices of despise;just google it and u'll see.and yeah, as sahar first time i heard AS was on Alternative Rock Show at THR, mase tuh skolah rendah lagi beb!and now, the only thing that radio airs are lagu geli² aka hiphop n pop. money does PLAY its roll huh...bling² mypunggung. btw, do u still have eastern invasion by any chance?
damn, i must learn to give shorter comments.someone's getting bored reading my crap!

the banker said...

eastern invasion aku dah dipau oleh adikku. somehow i succeded in transferring my musical inclinations to him. he listens to basically what i used to listen, haha