Monday, September 10, 2007

Check Your Tyres

Last night I went to pick up my dad at KL Sentral and then drove straight to IAB in Genting. He was due to register for a course starting this morning. It rained the few hours before, and I was a bit apprehensive about driving to Genting in that condition.

Alhamdulillah, nothing went wrong on the first leg of the journey. Sent him to his accomodation safely and I turned back to head towards KL. Before that I drank some coffee to perk me up (which is a blatant lie to myself, caffeine doesn't work on me and I know it), and changed the CD to play some rocking numbers instead of sappy Indonesians ballads.

So I drove in the utter darkness (Genting Group, please install some street lights!), accompanied by a car or two every long while. Most of the time I can't really see that far ahead, thanks to the fog. I just followed the reflective cat's eyes on the road, and keeping myself vigilant by singing loudly (the plus point of driving alone, no one will complain about my singing voice).

At one corner, I made a wrong judgment. I thought it's one of those mild swerving corners that's abundant there, however it turned out to be probably a 150 degrees' turn instead. I braked hard and the tyres skidded.

I thought I'm gonna be dead.

Going into the deep ravines in the dead of night, with no other cars within my sight to witness me going off, I'll be dead by the time they found me even if I survived the fall.

Then the tyre threads gripped the road and the car straightened. All is well after a split second of scare. It took me a few seconds for me to regain my focus and composure. The rest of the journey home was uneventful and I arrived home safe and sound.

What went right for me was that :
1) The tyres are fairly new and the threads are still in good condition.
2) I wasn't going fast in the first place and was already pumping the brakes before I braked hard.
3) It's not raining there and then so the roads were dry.
4) I'm alone, no other cars to serve as extra hazard.

Take this as a precaution people, please drive carefully.


Mlle Linie said...

I knew something bad were to happen to u that night.. not sure why i was having this morbid+scary+uneasy feeling.. despite the uneasy feeling lah, i tido jek (demamnya pasal).. the least i could do was pray for your safety. Thank god He answered my prayers, at least, i thought it was mine (could be prayers from ur parents, siblings whoever lah but not that i really care).

negotiate with ur dad to come early lah next time..

kidd said...

SCARY...(with spooky ambience..wooo)
but you're safe and sound.that's all that counts.

a reminder:
+ next time bwk teman la brader.
+ don't ever play as sahar, or any when ur driving alone. it reduces the tendencies of as sahar's 'fan/s' join sekereta.

+ ask linie 1st, since she have 6th sense.

malang tak berbau, tak berupa, tak berbunyi. syukur, ur live to tell the tale.wat la kenduri doa selamat ke, ape ke.

Ijah said...

Woh ngeri~!!
Alhamdulillah you're all right..

Edwin Masripan, said...
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Edwin Masripan, said...

next time, turun kan gear. shift to 2 (two). you'll be drifting a bit but definitely lg secure. tp dgn saga, im not so sure. sbb suspension setup lain. the body is definitely light. if it helps la kan, go to BMW safety driving school (or protons). you dont have to be an owner to go to the school. it costs about 1000 (im sure you can afford). nanti byk gile situation die bagi, will definitely open your eyes. i went to both (for free, ade voucher. hehe)

ni bukan nak boasting ke ape, tp i once did 160kmh kt area genting sempah to gombak tol and skis was sleeping! at 160kmh down hill, bole tido? goodness skis. tade perasaan takut langsung.

btw, jom layan rugby world cup kt rumah fadli.

the banker said...

kidd: last time i was in an auto accident, i was listening to as-sahar. eerie coincidence?

eddie: jom, tp weekends lah. weekdays x larat beb.

Edwin Masripan, said...

most games mase weekends la. selambe je crash in. nanti aku call pak mae.

kidd said...

whoa, didn't know that piece of info. for once, i have AS as my ringtone, one with javanese ambient...but had to switch back due to the "ngeri" effect it gave at night.