Monday, December 3, 2007

I Am Hot

...and uncomfortable.

I came in this morning expecting the usual breeze of cool air coming out from the lobby as I entered the building. Woops, for the first time there was none. I went up to my floor, sat down at my cubicle and started to feel the warmth.

Anyway, I can't sit down and ponder about it as I had a meeting at 9am and was rushing to gather my things together for it. Then I walked up two flight of stairs (because I try to do at least some exercise, yeah laugh it off) to the meeting room, all the while trying to tie my tie in the growing warmth. I waited inside the meeting room for 10 minutes, and not a soul showed up. So I decided not to waste any more time and skipped down the stairs to check on the usual suspects. Lo and behold they were all at their places doing their work. I asked Liani, and she said the Big Boss sent a notice yesterday to all the bosses saying the meeting is cancelled. Since my boss is away on leave, I was the only one out of the loop. Great.

Now I'm sweating. It's a warm Monday morning, no air-conditioning, had just gone up and down two flights of stairs and my tie is starting to feel like a noose. Promptly I took the tie off in one bold tug (boys, if you tie it correctly you can do it too!) and rolled my sleeves up. Backroom mode, people.

Started my work, and within an hour the PC went out thrice. Turned out there's a power supply problem. So the lifts were partly disabled, the aircon down completely and there's the problem with sudden blackouts which caused lotsa people losing their work.

So now it's after lunch, and the office feels much much warmer. It feels like being in koleq's library all over again (sure we had aircon then but it's only effective if you happen to sit right in front of it). There must've been a conspiracy to make this Monday as unwork-friendly as possible. I wish I'm lounging in the pool right now...