Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Nizam pointed out over lunch that today marked the twelfth year we've known each other. Yes sir, 12 years ago today, 108 boys from all walks of life enrolled at a certain old school at a certain sleepy town in Perak. Over the course of the next few days the number would swell to include the Sabah & Sarawak boys (6 of them), Shukor (who registered late due to a freak accident) and Feylong (measles was it?). Then a few more boys would join us to make it altogether 124.

After 5 years, only 104 of the original 124 made it all the way to the last day. 20 lost their way somewhere in between.

To all my brothers of Remnants aka MCKK9600, it's been an honour knowing you guys.

By the way, the lunch I mentioned earlier is a rather recent routine that Nizam, Mulder and me started. Every Wednesday we will try to have lunch together (and annoy the heck out of people who recognize the maroon striped tie). Today, Nageb has joined our folds. Time to get Dod to start walking a bit farther and join us too. Ahh, lunches with the boys - just like those days again!

"we came hoping to get out, we left crying to stay"


Edwin Masripan, said...


lain kali aku pon nak join gak!

Edwin Masripan, said...

bro, its nice knowing you too.

in case you forget, id take a bullet for you and the rest of the remnants.

croom said...

i'd prefer apeque to take the bullet! kehke joking ;-p

Edwin Masripan, said...

apeque? bola hockey can.

ngb: jauh ko bawak lawak ni. org lain sure blur2. babi ko.

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