Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Yes folks, this is a multiple post dumped into one.

Numero un.
I can't access anymore, the people in IT blocked it now *groan*. Hence I can't respond to your comments directly as before. So lemme try and answer 'em here, especially the ones regarding the last post.

Memang aku dah dimanjakan oleh aircon dalam kete, lrt and office. Tak kira lagi kalau pegi malls plak lepas keje. It's not so much the heat that was getting to me actually, it's the staleness of air, poning kopalo den.

Numero deux.
"nobody said it was easy,
no one ever said it's gonna be this hard,
oh take me back to the start..."

I'm under unbelievable load of stress now. Work, of course. But I would've managed since my commercialization plans are going quite well. However, some people suka ati mak bapak changed deadlines from one week to the same day. It was the Plan for 2008, and I had to set the targets for the whole damn department. In case you're wondering, no it's not supposed to be my job. It's a Senior Manager's task, my direct boss. He's on leave and has tasked me to do it. I can do it, no problem, but I had to refer to his boss aka my big boss The Director. The Director just came back from his leave, so he's busy clearing things on his plate. I've been trying to get 5 minutes with him since the dawn of man (overstatement, exaggeration, humour me lah!). So, just in case she decided to tell the MD that I'm not reverting back to her with The Plan in time, I sent out whatever that I have with a note stating The Director is busy (with something for the MD nonetheless) and will give her the whole nine yards when I feel like it The Director is less busy to talk to me, the humble little fry.

Also there are other things.

Numero trois.
I went to my house on Saturday to send some of my things over since my brother is around to help out. After we got everything into the spare room (doubling as store room for now), we laid down on the floor cooling ourselves under the fan. That's when it struck me for the first time.

My house now feels like a home.

No, I have not moved in yet as the damn contractors have not finished repairing the defects I pointed out. They are now 8 days past their SLA, and I am incensed. But I've been dropping by ever so often to check out on the work progress, to install lights/fans/blinds, to go for a swim etc. It always felt like just an empty unit. But that day, something changed. I did not want to leave, I might have found the home I've been looking for so long.


panda said...

home sweet home =)

Edwin Masripan, said...

jadi ko bole tgk je la eh? bole post comment tak dari situ? .. tak bole? mmg blogspot babi. hahaa

glad you liked your house. bile nak house warming? kedekut taik masin