Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty

Can someone tell me that Nitrus' Kamu is not a plagiarization of Collective Souls' Run? The first few bars and at least the first line of the verse sounds the same to me. How about Ebiet G Ade's (and later Sweet Charity's rock version) Kamelia, is it a copy note by note of DeeDee Bridgewater's Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word cover intro, or is it just me? Are there other examples that have so far escaped my ears?

Enough of (possible) copycats, Natasha Hudson is one too many already...


cik kutan said...

people ran out of ideas.
hence the plagiarism.
that's why if you listen to our radio stations [era+hot fm]..most of the songs nowadays, mesti ada ambik bridge from lagu2 lama.
it's sickening.. tambah2 rap part pulak.

as for HUDSONISM, i rest my case.
itu perempuan memalukan malaysians!!

The Yoga Instructor said...

The similarities are uncanny.

I have noticed them back when I first heard them on radio (dalam kereta my mom, she pasang Era. Peace!). Good job Encik Banker for highlighting them.

If I were you (I'm really cruel when I'm off my Yoga Teacher mode), I'd write to Malay Mail or Junk (since TONE is no longer around) so we can help put a stop to people who make money out of other people's creativity.

Which makes me wonder, why Natasha Hudson's case has not made public yet. Hmm..

The Banker said...

cik kutan: sampling is fine as long as the due credits are given. plagiarizing is basically stealing.

yoga instructor:noticed the nitrus-collective soul one lame dah, but the ebiet-bridgewater tuh only recently.

i think some ppl already wrote to the papers about natasha hudson, but maybe the datuk hubby knows a lot of important ppl to keep the news hush hush in the mainstream media.

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Mlle Linie.. said...

En Banker saya ni dah ada ramai fans! :)..

ps: hi hun! :)

The Banker said...

alahai, ade spam pulak dahhh

linie: haha, i'm going to act all diva-ish from now on, since i have like 5 fans now. woohoo!