Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Some friends who have not yet been to my place have bene asking me to put up pics of it. I want to, but I can't. Why, because I don't think it's the finished article yet. It's liveable and complete in terms of appliances and furnitures, but it's not yet done. The walls are mostly empty, the paintwork is still the boring offwhite (and a horrible light pink for the bedroom) colour.

I've collecting frames and pictures to mount, still looking for artworks to jazz up the walls too. Have been mulling about colour to liven up the hallway and some of the walls, still looking for decals to make the walls much more interesting.

Let's go room by room. I want a dried twigs and leaves' wreath for my door, and maybe paint the foyer deep red. For the dining area, I would like vinelike decals to frame some of the mirrors. On the opposing wall is where I would like to put pictures and lots of them. Over to the living area, I would like to paint the wall behind the TV mocha or deep chocolate and autumnlike decals. Move over to the hallway, I'd like to paint it olive green and hang pictures in untreated wooden frames on the walls. For guest bedroom, I'm not doing anything to it as I haven't any idea yet. For utility room (where the PC, guitars, extra closet and ironing board is), I just want a roman blind, single panel in dark blue. Paintjob would be in the same hue, but that can come later. On to the master bedroom, the only two things missing are a new fresh white paint (instead of the horrible horrible light pink I mentioned earlier) and a black/dark wood TV cabinet. Ohh make that three things, since I also need a thingy to fill in the bay windows.

I have been reading decor8 for ages looking for inspiration, and indeed I found lots. Sadly most of them are not available here. I need local leads, please tell me where can I find interesting stuff to put in my house. And yes, I already know Ikea, tell me something new.


nanayau said...

aku nak tolong cat.. ! :D

The Banker said...

serious? i can use the help for sure!

Miss Aida said...


You've really put thought into this.

The Banker said...

aida: yes, i have =P

k-k-khaylis said...

What's with the autumnal theme. We live in the tropics, not New England.

The Banker said...

khaylis: because i love earth tones, and i love trees. i've seen some examples of it and it looks very nice. though translating the look would be a different matter altogether lah.

*fizzy* said...

i like the ideas..
nnt dah siap mms the new look.

sHa said...

best nye kalo da ade umah sndiri..

savante said...

You could check out Living Quarters. They sometimes have some really good stuff up for sale.

Well no where else to go for cheap chic and style than IKEA :) Really wish we had Pottery Barn!

The Banker said...

fizzy: mms? internet is cheaper lah =P

sha: best, tapi time bayar garu kepala la, hehe

savante: haven't been there in ages, thanks for the tip!