Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WTF?! (Revisited)

Excuse my knee-jerk reaction yesterday. Now that I've read through the whole plan and done some calculations, I don't see it affecting me much. So fuel rises up to RM2.70 per litre, but the government is giving us people with cars less than 2000 cc RM625 to cover the subsidy. if you calculate RM625 for 800 litres, it amounts to RM0.78 per litre. Which is exactly the amount of increase. 800 litres might not sound like much, but that amounts to about 66.67 litres a month. Currently I'm using about 78 litres per month on average, translates to RM150 with the old price. With the current price it's RM211. That's a hike of RM61 per month, or RM732 per annum. Minus the subsidy, I'll lose about RM107. Not good, but not disastrous either. BTW, if you're reading this again you'll notice I changed the calculations, since what I calculated before was so wrong my primary school maths teacher will be squirming if he knew abt it =P

But I still think they should have handled this differently. They should've sent out the rebates first, before hiking up the price. That way, people can do the calculations beforehand, and of course will feel a lot happier with cold hard cash in their hands. So, when are we going to get the RM625 Pak Lah?


Wawa said...

i agree with you.

sigh, life sucks.

Miss Aida said...

That's a bit of a hike!

Anonymous said...

a little too harsh i think.

bercakap mmg senang memandangkan kita bukan PM. bukan kita yg kena make all of those decisions that will affect the lives berjuta-juta rakyat.

having said that...yes. the hike sucks. big time :|

Perky said...

I guess I probably wouldn't mind so much abt the price hike IF ONLY they increase our pay!!!

Damnit, how are we suppose to live like this? Yeah, so what if the price of fuel we pay here is like half the world price. All that means nothing to ppl who already don't make much, have to pay all sorts of bills & left with little or no savings.

The Yoga Instructor said...


Also to those newbies who promised 'Kalau kami menang, esok jugak harga minyak turun!' Right....

The Banker said...

wawa & aida: ditto

anon: agreed, it's not an easy decision. but isn't it the govt's responsiblity to ensure we have the best living standard that we can have? this is not the way forward.

perky: exactly! next, bus fares and airplane tix prices will go up too for sure, arghh

the yoga instructor: i'm being as sceptical as you. even the promises made before the PRU pon tak buat2 lagi. now promising us this?

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

org semua dh kalut dh rega minyak masalah nyer bila rega minyak naik..semua org akan protes..bas..komuter...plane..lrt..even org naik basikal pon naik duit lebih gak...goverment servants obviously nak gaji naik gak ..lepas tuh of course kakitangan swasta pon nak gak naik gaji...bisnes transportation confirm kena naikkan rega

The Yoga Instructor said...

NASIB BAIK gua punya kereta 2.0 sahaja, yeah yeah yeah! Tapi masih laju kerana jasa this beautiful piece of engineering called turbo. Tetapi ciptaan berjasa ni jugaklah yang minum minyak banyaknya, Subhanallah.. You can't have your cake and eat it all, kan.

Renewed my roadtax today but opted for 6 months first to see how they'd revise the new roadtax budget for minions like us (kereta je besar, engine masih cheapskate).

For the two months I had the car, I spent RM1000 - RM1200 a month for fuel only so this June onwards from the way things are getting, every month I'd be paying for fuel more than my instalments!

Kalau nak appeal to have that RM625 monthly, boleh?