Monday, June 23, 2008

Chasing Waterfalls

It's great how we can still have fun as though we were still schoolkids. We had one of these major camping session at Lata Kekabu back in 1997, and it coulda been enjoyable if not for the overzealous wardens who won't let us in the water for more than 5 minutes at a time. Some of us had to go to another session in Form 5, in Ulu Chepor then, due to the 'honour' of being in the batch's top 40 after an exam. From behind. I didn't go though, I missed the list by about 10 names or something, but that was old history. I made some grounds since then. I have, honest!

I helped to organize a getaway at Sg Gabai for the guys last Saturday, we've been talking about it for a while now anyway. The last time we went, it was almost a year ago. Funny that it didn't feel that long when I think of it, time has a funny quality about it.

Anyway, I went earlier a few guys since of them had to leave early. We arrived there, managed to secure the same spot as last year and set up the picnic rug and our stuff while trying to catch our breaths. Climbing up that many stairs is not easy I tell you, especially for us out of shape folks. In the next half an hour or so, the rest arrived. We then set up the BBQ and start stuffing our faces with the piles of food available. We made it a pot luck BBQ, so everyone had to bring something. 14 guys, almost everyone brought their own share, and the result was an abundance of food (which was a marked improvement from last year's when all we had to eat was a piece of chicken each and several morsels of fish, the reason why I asked everyone to bring something was to avoid a repeat =P)

After much eating, it's time to hit the waterfall baby! We took up possession of the main 'pool' area, though interrupted from time to time from rempits sliding down from the upper levels of the waterfall. I was actually glad one of them cracked his head open on the rock there since it ended their general rowdiness, how bad of me (heh heh heh). The water was freezing cold, but the hard current turned the waterfall into some sort of massage apparatus. Try it, OSIM can't beat that ever!

Then of course, we got hungry again. We proceeded to resume eating. Then we weather started to turn moody and it started to rain. We barely had time to pack when the heavens opened up and it poured out onto us. We ran over to the covered area for a while, to wait out the rain. When it subsided, we went to finish packing up and left.

I had great fun, we ate, we drank, we joked and we laughed heartily. Again, great company is a must for a great time. Too bad a few of the guys can't make it, or else it would've been even more smashing. We were already talking about next year's plan while we were there (Sg Congkak next time, point taken!), and I'm already looking forward to it.


cik kutan said...

i know that feeling..
get together once in a while.
definitely a bliss.

am coming to KL this weekend.
[melampau2 kerap pulak lah kan??]:p

Miss Aida said...

Sometimes you just need to get away from life as you know it.

The Banker said...

cik kutan: bila mau datang lg?

miss aida: i try to get away as much as i can. big cities can be fatal to your youth.