Sunday, June 15, 2008

Di Bawah Bulan Purnama

Okay I know I've been posting this kinda story for a few times already, but can't help it that I'm a horror story buff, can I? Anyway, a friend of mine related this story quite a while ago and it came to mind again while I was talking to my brother about old songs.

This friend of mine, let's call her N. She was schooling at a boarding school back then, and you know that every boarding school must have ghosties and ghoulies. It's a prerequisite or something, but we'll leave the discussion for later.

One night, she felt the call of nature in the wee hours. Too sleepy to bother about waking up friends to accompany her, she just went ahead to do her business.

N loves to sing, so she sang while she was in the toilet as well. Prolly to quell her own fears, or just to while away the time. Well, she sang this old song:

"Dibawah bulan purnama, dipagar bintang beribu..."

Then she heard someone else sang those lines outside her cubicle, albeit with a slower tempo and softer voice. Maybe she was sleepy, but her first thoughts was that it must be one of her friends playing a prank on her.

So when she was finished, she went out and seeked that friend. Turned out she was fast asleep, as was everyone else. Sekian.

I know, this is a very cliche-d story, but what got me was the choice of song. What an apt choice of song to sing while you're alone in the middle of the night. Listen to this song, and imagine it being sung in a slower tempo, not upbeat like it's supposed to, and with a softer voice. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll find it hard to listen to this song the same way again.

Di Bawah Bulan Purnama
- R. Azmi & Rokiah Wanda

Di bawah bulan purnama
Dipagar bintang beribu
Hatiku terasa ria
Kekanda di samping daku

Di bawah bulan purnama
Di waktu malam yang sunyi
Sungguh terasa nikmatnya
Dibuai cinta berahi

Kanda muda remaja
Pujaan di hati dinda
Tempat dinda bermanja
Menghibur hati nan lara

Dinda rangkaian nyawa
Penyuluh di hati beta
Tempat kanda bercanda
Hilangkan segala duka

Adinda tetap setia
Di hati tidak berubah
Tidak dua tidak tiga
Kandalah cahaya mata

Demi kanda berjanji
Bulan bintang bersaksi
Namun hati tetap cinta
Dinda adalah juwita

P/S: Don't know the song? Here's a remake.


Miss Aida said...

Oh crap.

You've just given me the chills.

The Banker said...

i should turn my blog into a 'Koleksi Cerita Hantu' with the volume of these kind of stories that i'm putting out, haha.

Perky said...

I've got a few first-hand experience in that department, so if you do start a koleksi cerita hantu, you know who to ask for extra stories ;)

The Banker said...

perky: i love love LOVE your pontianak story, chilling!