Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey folks, first posting from St Albans. The weather is nice, so don't believe everything that Vidic said.

Anyway, the journey went well. Left home at about 4.30am and finally arrived here at about 9pm local time. That's almost 24 hours of traveling altogether, inclusive of a 3-hour transit in Bangkok.

Anyway, the 12-hour long flight to Heathrow was marred by a yob who kept swearing loudly in every other sentence, and trust me that bloke talks a bit too much for everyone's liking. Big boy playing with big words, I wonder if his vocabulary extends more than 12 words (half of which are variations of the word fuck). Loud, vulgar and downright disruptive, he even threatened to slug some of the guys who told him off. Suffice to say, the flight was not very comfortable with this unwelcomed element on board. It started the moment he stepped on board, and he sat right near us, only a coupla rows back.

When we finally reached Heathrow, the Metropolitan police boarded and took him away in cuffs amidst applause and wolf-whistles from the rest of the passengers, I kid you not. And he resisted, it's kinda fun in a way seeing the two cops (bobbies isn't it?) pulled him out of the seat and dragged him off. Some of the guys who were threathened gave statements and all, it was very eventful indeed. How's that for in flight entertainment?

Oh it did not end there though. Once the sod was taken away, the Thai wife continued his charade. She kept going on about the people don't understand him and whatnot. Can't really understand much though, Thaiglish (you no understand, you come give money me not happy etc). Save it lady, we understood his unprovoked actions well enough.

Anyway, good news is that I have wi-fi in my room so I'll be able to blog and IM, so drop me a line anytime yeah? Gotta catch some sleep now, I feel so stoned already. Good night!


sdtlhfz said...

enjoy ur stay there~aren't u coming over to cork?

btw;i copied ur idea for my new room;painted a chandelier;p

sdtlhfz said...
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The Banker said...

tuh la, thinking abt it. if tix are cheap, boleh gak.