Friday, January 2, 2009

Conflict & Conundrum

Last night I watched Schindler's List and I'm presented with a conundrum. Watching a depiction of the Nazi cruelties moved the humanitarian part of me, any sort of violence towards another human being is not tolerable. Especially when it's not provoked. The mass extermination of Jews was ruthless and inhumane, it was not to be tolerated. If I was watching those depictions before 1967, I would have symphatised and supported the Jewish cause.

But this is now. Look what is happening in Gaza now, the worst attack on Palestinian territory since 1967. Their justification was simple, because Qassam rockets have been directed at Israeli cities leaving 16 civilians dead. Their response has thus far left at least 2000 people dead or injured. To retaliate is understandable. But you must know that Israel is retaliating on the Gazans' retaliation. Yes, Qassam rockets was launched out of frustration, anger and sheer hopelessness. Israel have been putting a clampdown on the Gaza strip, letting in only a trickle of food and medicine for the 1.5 million people in Gaza.

However when Nazi Germany did those atrocities, Britain and the United States rose up to defend the powerless people. Perhaps Britain had an interest since Germany was threatening to invade their land, but the Americans were in it just to lend a helping hand. Where are they now? Do we have to wait for an Auschwitz in the West Bank to be built first, only this time with the Jews at the controlling end of Zyklon B.

Tell me, how different is Israel and Nazi Germany?

Happy new year folks.


thehappybunny said...

I don't think anybody doubts the provocation of the firing of Hamas rockets on civilian targets (which
usually miss and cause no loss of life), it's the disproportionate retaliation from the Israelis that
people are having a problem with.

I'm quite disappointed that Obama hasn't said anything. His silence is really deafening.

The Banker said...

well, i've always been cynical at the thought of having a non-white as the american president would change anything much. now he's saying he won't intervene while he's not yet officially in power. let's see his excuse when he's sworn in then.