Friday, January 16, 2009

Saying My Farewell

Hectic week, glad that it's over.

I only have a few days left being 25. Since my Streamyx at home is having problems, and I'm taking the day off on my birthday, this is the last chance I have to reflect on being 25 while I'm still one. Gibberish la pulak, lantak lah.

It's been a great year (by year I mean being 25, not the Roman year) for me, honestly. Of course there were some shit that I'd rather not think about ever again, but the good parts far outweight the bad ones. Or it could just be that with time it doesn't feel as bad anymore. The mind does that funny trick sometimes, you know.

It's the age where I managed to fulfill my lifelong dream, to travel the world. This year saw me walking the streets of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, London, Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Amsterdam. Some of those places I never even dreamt of going, I still wonder with amazement when I look at the pictures. For people who travel the world on a consistent basis for work or holiday, it might not mean so much. I had to work my ass off for this, it made the experience all the more sweeter.

It's the age where worldly possessions are attained and I actually can't ask for me for once. After buying my own house before turning 25, I followed that up with Renée, my little black car. Despite the initial problems, she's been a loyal friend til now (cue 'awwwww' all around). Then finally I got a new smart phone a few months back and since then I'm actually contented with what I have. I admit I have given thought to buying new expensive lenses, and battery grips and remote triggers and an endless array of gadgets, but the thought of not having it doesn't bother me. I can live with it :)

It's the age where I'm starting to get more active with other things in life. I initiated the Wednesgay lunches, and it has since become a weekly event where we'll convene and talk cock (erh, pun unintended!). Yes it's a deliberate misnomer the Wednesgay thing, we aren't exactly the most serious people around. Then I participated in a CSR project at an orphanage for HIV positive kids. That was an eye opener, and gave me a better realisation of how lucky I am really. Now I'm also volunteering to help organise my batch's 10th year reunion in 2010. It's gonna be hard work, and likely to be underappreciated, but I did it in the name of love (haha, I am getting a bit cornier by the paragraph =P). Hey jokes aside, I am enjoying this alternative side of life, the non-financial yet satisfying side of it you know.

It's the age where hearts were broken and mended, and dreams die and reborn. It's the age swiftly passing by with every breath I take. It's the age where priorities are examined and plans are made. It's a good age, and I will miss it. Goodbye 25, though in a few days you'll be nothing more than a memory, be sure that some memories are there for life.

Hello 26, I believe we haven't met.


lankapo said...

happy belated birthday,

yes streamyx suxx

cacah said...

happy [belated] birthday.
u've had a good year. :)
and u'll have better years ahead.

i really like this entry.

shaXu said...

you named your car renee?! hahahah!! obvious gell..

namun, xleh lawan nama Pierrekuhhh~~

The Banker said...

Err, it's not yet belated. It's today actually, perhaps its not apparent in my post above =p

thanks lankapo n cacah!

Shaxu: there's no other choice, hehe

cacah said...

if it is today, then happy birthday. that's why i put the bracket there. hehe. :)
welcome to the 26 club. haha. kita dah sebaya...

ZubaidahArshad said...

The Banker, if you have renee, I have my own cik putih. And everyday is a new love day for us.


Happy belated birthday. May ladyluck always be by your side.