Monday, January 5, 2009


I was at KLCC over the weekend looking to buy the silver Japan Converse available at Isetan at 40% off. Good: they have my size! Bad: it's way too expensive for me to justify buying it. At RM260 more or less, I don't think I really need it anyway. Not when I have more than enough shoes in my creaking shoe cabinet, hehe.

Since I'm quite free, I'd just list 'em down (and now updated with pictures! I do need to get a better hobby):

Black Primavera dress shoes - Current everyday work shoes.

Black Renoma dress shoes - Former everyday work shoes, now relegated to backup duties.

Black Clarks loafers - Another backup work shoes.

Tan Clarks shoes - Usually worn on dress down Fridays or for a night out.

Brown Clarks boots - Usually worn on dress down Fridays too.

Dark brown Dr Martens 8-eye boots - Seldom worn really, but it's usually when I get that perasan-rockstar vibes =D

White/white swoosh/red soles Nike Air Force - Seldom wear this one too because I love it so much, don't wanna dirty it you know =P

Black stitched leather limited edition Jack Purcell - My frequently worn pair these days, supercomfy! Nice seeing Sam in Reaper wearing a black JP too, is it making a comeback?

Off-white canvas Jack Purcell - wore it during UK and Euro trip, now looks like something Cobain would've worn gladly. All dirty and grungy, it's my kasut lenjan now.

White/black strip/red wreath Fred Perry - bought in UK at half off, love it to bits too. Love it even more since it's not something you see every other kid having on their feet these days.

Now for those long gone yet still not forgotten:
Light grey/maroon swoosh Nike Cortez - Wore this one for years since I love it so much. Then the sole became detached from the body, so I put it aside to repair. Sadly some sob stole it from the shoe cabinet at my aunt's place where I was staying then.
White/turqoise stripes Adidas Superstar - Love this one since it's not a common colour, or at least I haven't seen anyone with the same exact colour. Lost it back in uni days.
White/dark blue stripes Adidas Superstar - Bought this one to replace the turqoise-stripe one, again lost it a few months later. Later I found out my housemate nicked it, and he managed to avoid getting his face punched in with the help of his friends. Takpe Nizam, aku still ingat beb.
All white Nike Air Force 1 - This one I don't know whether it's stolen, or I just plain lost it somewhere. I can't recall funnily enough.
Black Dr Martens 8-eye boots - My (then young and ranggi) auntie borrowed it, but it was nicked from my uncle's house in USJ where she was staying then.

Anyway, I know you guys are wondering what to get me for my birthday right, but please don't get me shoes. I have to really like a shoe before I buy it. A few years back was considering those Timberland boots, the grey ones not the standard yellow, but didn't because of the price and because I didn't want it enough.

(About the birthday part, if you read the 1st paragraph I did mention that I like a certain silver Japan Converse shoes. They only have 2 sizes left, mine is the bigger one =P)


ZubaidahArshad said...

In contrary, I do not have so many shoes. I love to wear open toe sandals.

I bought my shoes usually in ZARA. Cheap and affordable and I love them designs. Do not talk about quality.

Sedih. Hahahaa

ZubaidahArshad said...

Errr .... open toe sandals not considered as shoes right?

aishah said...

Hmmm ini entry kasut dan disertai hint hint pasal birthday wishlist eh.


farahrozhan said...

Holy cow, you own more shoes than me - and I'm a girl! At least that's the stereotype - girls having more shoes than guys, that is. You should've put pictures. I'm intrigued to see how they look like.

The Banker said...

za: err, i did not include sandals n such in my list, else it'll be a bit longer..anyway, zara=cheap? is there an opening in your company? =P

aishah: hehe, killing two birds with one stone ;)

farahrozhan: hrm, perhaps i shd do so. watch this space!

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

aku bg ko black war la satu sbg hadiah bday..boleh ?

aishah said...

can't help but notice the book list...white tiger tu best tak? I went to kino last weekend that book was everywhere...

farahrozhan said...


ZubaidahArshad said...

Erm.. TheBanker, I think ZARA is comparatively equal to Nike.

And in my personal opinion, Nike is much more expensive than ZARA.

Have a look.

The Yoga Instructor said...

Heh heh, I have the very white/turqoise stripes adidas Superstar which I rarely wear because a short girl needs her heels.

Although we went to the same uni, I could swear to you I didn't steal that pair from you!

Useless fact, I didn't (have to :D) buy mine either, heh heh.

The Banker said...

life4hire: blackwar, haha..gile nostalgic beb!

aishah: yes it is a very good book, just finished reading it yesterday. you should get it.

za: when i think abt it, you're right. zara men's dress shoes are quite nice too, perhaps when it's time to replace the primavera one i'll get one from zara ;)

ninie: haha, really??? funny fact that. even if u did nicked mine, u wont be able to wear it lah..too big for u i bet, haha

aishah said...

perhaps, i m gonna get it. but the cover's not tempting enough la. i'll get it later anyway.
now, i'm reading the widower by ray kluun...

Perky said...

Wow... you have more shoes than I do! ;P

The Banker said...

aishah: ray kluun, havent heard of him. tell me if its any good yeah?

perky: haha, ur the second girl here to tell me that. well, u should see my mom's collection. imelda marcos should feel threathened.

debumelukut said...

hahahaaa..if u go to my blog, u will notice that u r not the first one to say that..well, i bet emeilda marcos is smilling in her grave this very moment!

NoktahHitam said...

ko mmg gile kasut pon.

aku byk kasut sukan je. Walking shoes 2, work 2, pegi lebam 2,.. oh shit. byk la plak.

Nissie said...

u can be count as a metrosexual dude. huhuhu. u own more shoes than i am. lol.

pja said...

errr...tan clarks tu the one i bought you duluke??kan kan??*world sweetest sister*
ke dah arwah kasut tu?

btw,i think ZARA punye kasut cantik,but be careful,banyak pig skin lining, and the ones i have aren't really that comfortable,or i cud just be unlucky;)

The Banker said...

yeap, that's the one u bought lah..still wearing them

lin said...