Tuesday, May 12, 2009



I'm one of the "silent copied". Do appreciate my workload doesn't allow me to get directly involved in this but by my reckoning, I think you have it spot on.

Keep up the excellent work, and apologies if we (as in my Dept) have unnecessarily slowed down your work in any inadvertent way.

If we had more guys like you in this bank, we'd cream the competition.

Have a great workday

That e-mail (copied word by word, only censoring out his name) made my day. It has been a very crappy day, and that's the only shining light to talk about. Thanks man, though I don't even know you and I doubt that you know me, that really helps to ease the pain.

I should really stop blogging about work, but lately work is taking precedence over my life. Do I need a new job, or a new life?


cacah said...

wah! tahniah!

The Banker said...

a small compliment that went a long way to making my day bearable. too bad it wasn't cc-ed to my boss =P