Monday, May 18, 2009


Eddie beat me to it, but here goes nonetheless:

Band of Brothers: all 10 of us in the pic for once, camera balanced on the ground, timer set and click! Loved the way it turned out.

Airborne: or Kanak-kanak Ribena. Only 8 guys in the picture. 9 if you count Fadli swimming in the background, you can see his head bobbing away at the back. Me, behind the lens as always ;)

So many pictures, some not even fit for general viewing (you guys know what I mean, haha). After so much dillydallying, we finally made this PD trip a reality. For that, I'm glad =)


nieyA said...

wow! very beautiful pictures u hv there. nice :)

shezorro said...

wif ur college friends? opsss... koleq. haha.

nice pics.

The Banker said...

thanks guys, eh err, girls?

The Angelic Sinner said...

I'm old enough to view the R pics :p
abs please

The Banker said...

haha, did i say abs? =P

In said...

since its too vague thats why Im requesting the obvious haha.. :p