Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Would You Care For Some Whine, Sir?

It's been over a month since I last saw daylight upon leaving the office. Return home mostly in a daze, driving automatically and before I know it I'm plonked down in front of the telly and dozed off there. I miss my bed.

It's the head-cracking, expletive-ridden, migraine-inducing, blood-boiling kind of stress at work. Not made easier by idiots who by some stroke of luck made it to Senior Manager level, yet still spoke like a true idiot. Let's not go there, I'll be out of a job before I can shut my gob on that case.

Anyway, I always turn to retail theraphy to help grease the grind a little. You know, the drug to keep me coming to work and behave like a good natured boy should. So I bought meself a little something something from Cerruti. Alas, it's not enough! So I bought another something something from freaking Mont Blanc. Who said happiness can't be bought?

Well, they're freaking right. I've burnt a huge hole in my (spanking new) wallet, whoever said that would help in alleviating stress???

Hey, whining about it actually helped a little! And it's free too, bugger.


life4hire said...

ko beli aper cerruti n mont blanc? dedua pen ke?

bugger said...

try buying & drink barbican...heaven..

p/s: i sell it.

The Banker said...

life4hire: gile ape, pen aku pakai kilometrico sudeyyy..

bugger: hey i love barbican! i love the pineapple one. so how do i buy 'em from u?

The Angelic Sinner said...

you're out of your mind alr, you need me as your shrink +) haha

cacah said...
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cacah said...

wah. if you feel good then it [retai therapy] is good. la. kut. :P