Monday, June 22, 2009


Last Saturday I went up Bukit Broga for the second time. The first time around I managed to get some nice shots, of which my fave is this one:
Arinus Maximus, star of Gladiator part 328

So me, Loblo and Jinjang Joe (JJ) hiked up the hill again in anticipation of more shots as such.
Truth is, I have no stamina to speak of. To quote The Journo "I have the lung capacity of a hummingbird" would be quite accurate.Tapi ku gagahi demi gambar-gambar indah yang menanti untuk diambil. Ayuh!

Alas, I was bitterly disappointed. Some bloody idiot set most of the hill on fire I guess, leaving scorched earth and dried up vegetation for most of the hilltop. Though there were some nice shots to be had, but certainly not enough to sate my appetite.

JJ mengenang nasib sebagai 'cutest Asian guy' (purpotedly).

Oh well, I guess that calls for Bukit Broga hike part 3 then!


NoktahHitam said...
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NoktahHitam said...

woit! selambe tak ajak!

anyway, i was busy as hell. tak gune ajak pon.

cik kutan said...

aku juga mendaki bukit di Redang.
bukitnya not worth taking pictures, but the views from the top was superb.
letih gell hiking though, so x smpt ambik pix byk2..


great photo

The Banker said...

ed: bleh pegi lg, tp kena tunggu rumput tumbuh dulu

fizzy: aku ingat balik nh nak gi perhentian, hehe

nora: hey thanks!

Ninie Ahmad said...

The second time I went up Broga (yoga at Broga, woot!), the hill was already torched. And that was on Chinese New Year.


The Banker said...

ninie: i went in feb for the 1st hike, and it was alright. so im giving it a couple of months and will give it another try before puasa hopefully