Thursday, June 11, 2009

Say What?

I absolutely enjoy reading the Letters page in the daily papers.

One which I read last week in The Malay Mail was from a dissatisfied man who complained about IKEA. He complained that he wasn't eligible for the free parking that IKEA offers to customers who bought their goods. He also admitted that he bought nothing from the store. I laud the patient explanation by IKEA.

Another one today in The Star was from another man (I assume it's a man) who attacked a news report for calling humans 'aliens'. He said aliens are only for creatures not from Earth. He goes on to explain even mixed parentage children are still humans and not aliens (you don't say!). Oh he said he got his definition of 'aliens' from Wikipedia apparently. Solid. Perhaps he's not heard of a dictionary before...

Fun, isn't it?


ZubaidahArshad said...

Haha one funny entry.

From me,
The Alien from Alienation


Anonymous said...

hoh.. i pulak nak write to the newspapers on two things:
- interest ptptn yang dari last yr announced sepatutnya turun from 3% to 1% tp sampai skrg habuk pun takdak
- complaint on the IRB inefficiencies. boleh pulak dia salah hanta letter and ask me to pay more tax? cheque refund pulak still tak nampak bayang.. %$$@#%

cacah said...

i like the part that he found the definition from wikipedia.

hmmm. maklumat di hujung jari katanya.

The Banker said...

za: hey, welcome to the planet! hehe

anon: i dont expect any less from the irb. they want u to pay em quick, but it doesnt apply the other way around...

cacah: ditto!

lin said...